Woman Creates Sculptures Inside Books


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A woman creates sculptures inside books.

An artist is taking old books and turning them into works of magnificent art.

Jodi Harvey-Brown makes old reading material come to life in her collection dubbed ‘Book Sculptures’. In most of her works, the pages are grouped together and cut to create various scenes, but the paper is still attached to the book.

One art piece has a vintage ship cut from the pages. It stands upright, while the extra pages are sliced to appear like waves. Another one depicts two angels residing in an open music book. The wings and halos are clearly seen, intricately cut from the pages. 

Jodi has several other works, where the book remains closed and the artwork is cut from the cover and others where the pages are cut and moulded together to create objects like wreaths

Jodi states “Books pull you into a new world, while art lets you see it. It made sense to me that these two mediums should come together. The books that we love to read should be made to come to life.”

source: GeoBeats Arts

Fill in the gaps in the sentences with a suitable word or expression.

1. In the period before Christmas people often decorate their homes with …

2. I bought these relics of 1960s in a … shop.

3. As the actress recited these old stories, they … again.

4. He cleverly … the clay into a sculpture.

5. Everyone was impressed by the beauty of his art, it was …

6. He said something in a strange language but it didn’t … to me.

7. They had a garage and they … an art studio.

8. She was so weak, so couldn’t stand …

9. The princess … in an old castle.

10. The picture … their old dog in front of the fireplace.


1. wreaths

2. vintage

3. came to life

4. moulded

5. magnificent

6. make sense

7. turned it into

8. upright

9. resided

10. depicted

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to turn something into something

átalakítani, valamit valamivé változtatni


fenséges, pompás

reading material


to come to life

életre kelni


el van nevezve




függőleges, egyenes

to depict


to reside

lakni, lakozni


glória, dicsfény


nagy részletességgel kidolgozott

to mould

megformálni, formázni



to make sense

értelme van, érthető

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés