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Nézzünk meg egy szókincsfejlesztő feladatot a munkával és munkavégzéssel kapcsolatban. 

Working Life

to clock on

bejelentkezni (munkába érkezéskor)

He can’t be late because he has to clock on when he arrives at work.

to clock off

kijelentkezni (munkából távozáskor)

Her boss was quite angry at her because she regularly clocks off 10 minutes earlier.



She always sleeps during the day because she takes night shifts at a local bar.

working hours


We are very strict about the working hours here.



I’ve done a lot of overtime in the past months so that we can afford a nice holiday in the summer.

sick leave


I don’t really like being on sick leave because I get less money during that time.

day off


Tomorrow is my day off and I’ll spend the whole day in bed reading.

to get the sack

kirúgva lenni

He got the sack because he was rude with the customers.

lunch break


Your lunch break is between 1pm and 1.30 pm.


rugalmas munkaidő

I can only take flexitime jobs because I can’t follow strict time schedules.

part-time job


Part-time jobs are ideal for moms.

to take early retirement

idő előtt nyugdíjba menni

My mom wants to take an early retirement so that she could spend more time with her grandkids.

maternity leave

szülési szabadság

In some European countries maternity leave is very short.

holiday allowance


How many days of holiday allowance do you have a year?

to take time off

szabadságot kivenni

I would like to take some time off in the summer and go on a longer holiday.

Find the definitions of the following expressions.

to take time off, holiday allowance, maternity leave, to take early retirement, part-time job, flexitime, lunch break, to get the sack, day off, sick leave, overtime, working hours, shift, to clock on, to clock off

1.    the time you have to spend at your workplace

2.    to finish working for good before due time

3.    to be fired

4.    being at home because you’re ill

5.    not having a fixed time to spend at your workplace

6.    to be at home with your baby

7.    to have a little time to eat during the day

8.    a period of time when you work (at night or during the day)

9.    to record the time when you arrive at work

10.  to do more work than you should

11.  paid leave

12.  to record the time when you leave work

13.  when you work some of the days of the week or work fewer hours during the day

14.  a day when you don’t work

15.  when you don’t go to work for a week or two


1.    working hours

2.    to take early retirement

3.    to get the sack

4.    sick leave

5.    flexitime

6.    maternity leave

7.    lunch break

8.    shift

9.    to clock on

10.  overtime

11.  holiday allowance

12.  to clock off

13.  part-time job

14.  day off

15.  to take time off

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