1 éjszaka a Home Alone házban? – szókincs, szövegértéses feladat, levélírásos feladat

Idén december 12-én négy embert vendégül látnak a Home Alone – Reszkessetek Betörők című film ikonikus házában! Erről olvashattok a cikkben és hallhattok érdekességeket a videóban. Készítettünk egy olvasott szövegértéses feladatot és egy szállásfoglaláshoz kapcsolódó levélmintát is nektek!

Buzz McCallister to host 1-night stay at iconic ‘Home Alone‘ house this holiday

If you’ve ever dreamed of eating junk and watching rubbish like Kevin McCallister, this holiday season is your chance to turn it into a reality.

For the first time ever the famed Chicago digs from “Home Alone” will be available for an overnight stay, thanks to Airbnb and a much more amenable Buzz McCallister.

On Dec. 12, he will host four guests in the family home made famous by the hit holiday film to experience a real-life rendition of the McCallister family Christmas for $25, plus taxes and fees.

“You may not remember me as particularly accommodating,” Devin Ratray, who played Kevin’s big brother Buzz said in a press release. “But I’ve grown up, and I’d be happy to share my family home — my pizza, even with you this holiday season. Just try not to let my tarantula, Axl, loose this time.”

The one-night stay will feature a cozy, decked-out home with twinkling lights, a perfectly trimmed tree, plenty of fun booby traps, ‘90s junk food and, of course, Chicago’s finest pizza alongside a candlelit dinner of microwavable Kraft Macaroni &Cheese.

Guests can also expect to relive their favorite scenes from the movie and “let their inner eight-year-olds run free for the evening without the interruption of pesky intruders,” Airbnb said. But, don’t worry, there are no parents to banish you to sleep in the attic.

In honor of the seasonal spirit of giving, Airbnb will make a donation to Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital, which is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life for each of its patients with complex conditions, disabilities, and chronic illness.

The listing follows the release of “Home Sweet Home Alone,” the new holiday film now streaming on Disney+, which will be available to watch during the stay for an added dose of nostalgia.

Bookings will open on Tuesday, Dec. 7, at 1 p.m. CT at airbnb.com/homealone.

Airbnb also stated that they are closely monitoring Chicago infection rates and government policies and will offer booking guests a $1,000 Airbnb travel credit if it becomes necessary to cancel the stay.

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A cikk elolvasása után döntsd el, hogy a következő állítások igazak (A), hamisak (B), vagy nem volt róluk szó (C), a cikkben.


Most pedig a cikk kapcsán nézzünk meg egy szállásfoglalással kapcsolatos levelet. A levélből kimaradtak mondatrészek. A feladatotok az, hogy egészítsétek ki a levelet a megadott mondatrészekkel.
Vigyázzatok, KETTŐVEL TÖBB mondatrész van, mint amennyit fel tudtok használni!

Dear Sir/Madame,

One of my friends 1. ……….. and I am writing this letter to book accommodation in your hotel.

We are planning a holiday in your town between 11th August and 28th August and I wish to book a double room
and a twin room not far from each other. We are going to arrive by the early flight on 11th August,
2. ……….. airport transfer for us by 10:15 in the morning.

As far as meals are concerned, we would like to have half-board catering. However, we have a request.
We wish to have vegetarian food for my wife and our daughter as both of them are vegetarians.
We do hope that 3. ………..  .

It 4. ……….. how much deposit I have to transfer to you and what account number
I should transfer the money to.

Thank you for your help in advance. I look forward to 5. ……….. as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Tamas Kiss

A.would be useful if you let me know

B.the confirmation of my booking

C.so I would like to know whether you could provide

D.has recommended your hotel to me

E.you will be able to arrange that

F.if you could provide some information

G.that would make planning much easier


keys/megoldások: 1. D; 2. C; 3. E; 4. A; 5. B


to host vendégül látni valakit
to turn it into a reality valóra váltani/valósággá változtatni
famed híres/nevezetes
digs lakás/lakóhely
an overnight stay egy éjszakára megszállni/tartózkodni valahol
amenable kedves/nyájas
rendition előadás/interpretálás
taxes adók
accommodating készséges/előzékeny
press release sajtóközlemény
to let tarantula loose elengedni/kiengedni a madárpókot/tarantulát
to feature kiemelni
cozy hangulatos/kényelmes/otthonos
to deck-out …with fel van díszítve valamivel/ki van dekorálva valamivel
twinkling csillogó/ragyogó
trimmed tree díszes fák
booby traps ostoba/otromba tréfák
junk food egészségtelen nasi/étel
to expect számítani valamire
to relive újra élni valamit
interruption félbeszakítás/zavarás
pesky intruders bosszantó betolakodók
to banish you to sleep ágyba parancsolni téged
attic padlás
In honor of valaki/valami tiszteletére
to make a donation to adományozni valakinek
to dedicate valaminek szentelni/szánni
to maintain fenntartani
to improve javítani/jobbá tenni
disabilities fogyatékosságok
release megjelenés/közzététel
added extra
to state kijelenteni/állítani
to monitor figyelni/ellenőrizni
infection rates fertőzési számadatok
to cancel törölni
to be accessible elérhető
bothersome kellemetlen/bosszantó
debut bemutatkozás/első megjelenés

Kapcsolódó anyagok

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