Adjectives describing people and their synonyms

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Choose the right synonym of the adjective underlined in each sentence.

1) He was a really kind person. He always helped everyone.
a) smart
b) considerate
c) friendly

2) You never do anything! You are so lazy.
a) idle
b) depressed
c) diligent

3) People usually like her very much because she’s very sociable.
a) helpful
b) extroverted
c) cheerful

4) Both my parents are trustworthy people.
a) secure
b) sincere
c) smart

5) That girl was no fun on our date. She was simply too withdrawn.
a) shy
b) melancholy
c) tough

6) My sister married a much older man, but he’s quite wealthy.
a) impressive
b) well-off
c) gracious
7) His new girlfriend is a model and she’s really beautiful.
a) sharp
b) fortunate
c) stunning

8) I don’t know why you always tell me what to do. You’re so bossy.
a) content
b) determined
c) domineering

9) He doesn’t have many friends because he’s so difficult.
a) unpleasant
b) ridiculous
c) miserable

10) We laugh a lot when he is around because he’s hilarious.
a) joyful
b) brilliant
c) funny

Answers: 1)b, 2)a, 3)b, 4)b, 5)a, 6)b, 7)c, 8)c, 9)a, 10)c

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