Budapesti Borfesztivál – szókincs, mini feladat

Idén ünnepelte 30. születésnapját a Budapesti Borfesztivált, erről készítettünk nektek egy kis összefoglalót. 

Budapest Wine Festival celebrates its 30th birthday with exciting programmes!

Are you interested in the Hungarian wine culture and would like to try the best wines from around the country? Then Budapest Wine Festival is awaiting you! The unique wine event, which celebrates its 30th birthday this year, will bring its visitors unforgettable wine experiences, along with several exciting programmes.

According to the website of Budapest Wine Festival, after three decades of its first organisation, the event has become more and more popular across the globe, “attracting thousands of foreign visitors to its World Heritage site every year.” Furthermore, in September, the festival is ready to bring new experiences to wine lovers, celebrating its 30th birthday this year. If you have not yet enjoyed the stunning panorama of Budapest with a glass of wine in your hands, this year’s Budapest Wine Festival will be the best time to do so.

Over the years, the Budapest Wine Festival has become one of the most important events of Hungarian wine culture, offering a series of multi-day programs where participants can try the best wines of Hungary. In addition to the important wineries of the country, visitors can also enjoy concerts, exciting gastronomic outings and a classic charity wine auction at the Buda Castle. Just like in the previous years, the festival’s main focus will be on Hungarian wineries and gastronomic enterprises.

In addition to wines from more than 70 wineries, the event will be full of artisanal desserts, traditional and street food dishes, and an actual “wine festival” atmosphere with several exciting musical productions, including the Csík band and the Vera Jónás Experiment, as well as special Hungarian Jazz concerts on the third day of the festival. This year, one of the main guest regions of the four-day-long festival is Somló, famous for its memorable wines made on the volcanic hillsides that the visitors can also taste.

The selection of the Wine of the festival and the charity wine auction are classic programs at the event which will not be missed this year, either. As the Hungarian news portal Sportrajongó reports, the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, along with Hungarian winemakers, have been collecting donations for 21 years. The collected donations will be used to buy a new ambulance car.

The Budapest Wine Festival takes place at Buda Castle between 23rd and 26th September.

The event can be visited with either a daily ticket (HUF 4990) or a 4-day pass (HUF 8900); both are available in limited edition at an additional cost, including a special souvenir wine glass. One of the main sponsors of the event is SPAR Hungary. As a result, customers who buy more than HUF 10,000 in SPAR, City SPAR or INTERSPAR stores between 9th and 22nd September 2021 will receive a coupon entitling them to a 50% discount at the Wine Festival box office. The website of the Budapest Wine Festival emphasises that the event can only be visited according to effective COVID regulations.

source: Daily News Hungary

A következő feladatban találjátok ki, melyik borvidékről van szó az egyes mondatokban. A borokon  az oltalom alatt álló eredetmegjelölést: PDO (protected designations of origin) fogjátok látni a borvidék neve mellett.

source: Guide to Hungarian Wine Regions, Taste Hungary

  1. ……..PDO is Hungary’s oldest historical wine region, famous for its botrytized sweet wine, …… aszú.
  2. …… PDO is home of the famous Bull’s Blood red wine, and the newer ……. Csillag white blend.
  3. ……. PDO is a top region for Olaszrizling.
  4. ……. PDO mainly produces bulk sparkling and still wines.
  5. ………… PDO also produces the Bull’s Blood red wine blend.
  6. ………… PDO is one of the first wine regions of Hungary.
  7. …………. PDO is the premium red wine region of Hungary.
  8. …… PDO is known for its sparkling wines, and charming cellar rows.

keys/megoldások: 1. Tokaj, Tokaji; 2. Eger, Egri; 3. Balatonfüred-Csopak; 4. Balatonboglár; 5. Szekszárd; 6. Pannonhalma; 7. Villány; 8. Etyek-Buda


to await várni valakire
unique egyedi
Furthermore ezenkívül
stunning pompás
participants résztvevők
wineries pincészetek/borászatok
charity jótékonyság
previous előző/megelőző
artisanal desserts kézműves desszertek
Hungarian Maltese Charity Service Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat
donations adományok
to take place sor kerül rá
additional cost többletköltség
to entitle sy to feljogosítani valakit
to emphasise hangsúlyozni/kiemelni
effective hatékony
botrytized botritiszes (botritisz gomba/szürkepenész miatt kialakuló nemes rothadás, aminek az aszút és a szamorodnit köszönhetjük)

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