Dwayne Johnson, a Szikla is ember – szókincs, videó, hallás utáni szövegértési feladat

Dwayne Johnson megmutatta emberi oldalát a rajongóinak a Jimmy Fallon showban. Ehhez a szórakoztató és rengeteg hasznos kifejezéssel fűszerezett interjúhoz készítettünk nektek egy hallás utáni szövegértési feladatot.

A videó megnézése után válaszolj a következő kérdésekre a beszélgetésben hallottak alapján.

  1. When is the premier of his latest movie, ’Jungle Cruise’?
  2. What film has he just finished?
  3. How long has he been training for this role?
  4. Why was this training very important for Dwayne?
  5. How does he break his strict diet? What does he do sometimes?
  6. When did he have his cheat meal after the final shot of ’Black Adam’?
  7. What was his cheat meal for this workout after the final shot?
  8. How does Dwayne have the so called ’Rock toast’?
  9. Who is cooler than the ’Rock’ according to Dwayne’s daughter?
  10. What is Dwayne’s opinion about Jason Momoa?
  11. What did Jason Momoa send to Dwayne 3-year-old daughter?
  12. What did Aquaman make that makes Dwayne look bad?
  13. What did Dwayne’s mother do during Dwayne and Jimmy’s previous interview?
  14. What does Dwayne’s mother think of Jimmy?
  15. What is the Mana Mobile?

keys/megoldások: 1. July 30th; 2. ’Black Adam’; 3. for two years/for a few years; 4. Because he had one shot to create something definitive in the world of superheroes and comic book lore, mythology.; 5. He has a cheat meal every now and then when he isn’t training.; 6. by 1.30 a.m.; 7. the biggest pile of pancakes Jimmy Fallon could imagine; 8. He loves eating a four-inch thick brioche French toast with peanut butter, butter, some Teremana-infused syrup, coconut chips, whipped cream; 9. Aquaman is cooler for her; 10. As he has known Jason for a long time, he is very proud of his career and all the things that he has been doing.; 11. a video to Tia and Jazzy; 12. He invited both children to Hawaii and promised to swim with them in the ocean and they would go rock climbing as well; 13. She hijacked that interview because she started playing ukulele music and sang a song about how they loved Jimmy.; 14. She thinks that Jimmy is the greatest thing, a walking God on green Earth.; 15. It’s a vehicle that can serve taco, special recipes, Teremana Tequila cocktails, French toasts. Multiple Mana Mobiles go from coast to coast to bring the mana to people.

Összegyűjtöttünk néhány hasznos kifejezést a beszélgetésből és megadtuk az angol magyarázataikat! Így már magabiztosan fogjátok ti is használni őket a jövőben!

You’re ripped: having strong, well-developed muscles that can be seen through the skin

Oh, my gosh!: used to express surprise or strength of feeling

cheat meals: a meal which temporarily breaks the rules of a diet

we wrapped: we completed the filming of a motion picture or television programme

dude: a man

buddy: a friend

Teremana tequila: combines two words that are meaningful. ‘TERE’ derived from the Latin ‘terra’ meaning earth and ‘MANA’, the Polynesian word meaning spirit – Teremana is the “Spirit of the Earth (Dwayne Johnson’s own tequila brand, tequila made from fully mature naturally sweet agave from Mexico)

gluttony: a situation in which people eat and drink more than they need to

jump right on that: react immediately without thinking a lot

hijack the interview: to take control of the interview for her own advantage

ukulele: a small guitar or banjo with four strings

fame goes (in)to her head: it makes her think that she is very important and makes her a less pleasant person

to adore: to love someone very much, especially in a way that shows a lot of admiration or respect, or to like something very much

to date: up to the present time


to be ripped nagyon kigyúrtnak lenni
oh, gosh  A mindenit!
cheat meals csaló étkezések (amikor a diétát
megszegve kénye-kedvére eszik
az ember)
to wrap forgatást befejezni
dude haver
buddy pajti
spirit lélek/
jó szellem
gluttony falánkság/torkosság
to hijack the interview eltéríteni a beszélgetést
(eltéríteni a beszélgetés
eredeti menetét
és célját)
ukulele Hawaii gitár (kisebb, mint a
normál gitár)
fame goes (in)to her head fejébe száll a hírnév
to adore csodálni/imádni

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