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Collective Nouns

I. Groups of people (work) – match the words with the definitions.

1. cast

a) a group of individuals playing on the same side generally with the same objectives

2. staff

b) a group of actors that usually perform together in different plays

3. team

c) the actors in a certain movie or play

4. crew

d) a group of soldiers commanded by a lieutenant

5. company

e) the people who work in a company or place of work

6. platoon

f) all the working members on a ship or plane

II. Groups of things – find the right collective noun for each word.

chairs, underwear, plates, grapes, clothes, letters, cash, ships, newspaper, tools, flowers, books, rubbish, cutlery, weapons, sticks, bananas, work, bread

1. a set of


2. a stash of


3. a pile of


4. a batch of


5. a bundle of


6. a stack of


7. a fleet of


8. a bunch of


III. Which of the collective nouns in the table above refer to

A. hidden things?

B. a collection of things that belong together?

C. a collection of things tied or wrapped up together?

D. a quantity or delivery of goods porduced at one time?


I. 1-c 2-e 3-a 4-f 5-b 6-d

II. 1. underwear, tools, cutlery

2. cash, weapons

3. clothes, rubbish

4. letters, bread

5. newspapers, sticks

6. chairs, books, work, plates

7. ships

8. grapes, flowers, bananas

III. A-8 B-1 C-5 D-4

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