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Kívánságlistánkon a következő kérés a J.A.G. sorozattal kapcsolatban érkezett. A sorozatból nézhettek meg egy kis összefoglalót a videóban, a cikkben pedig sok érdekes és izgalmas információt tudhattok meg a főszereplő David James Elliott-ról.

David James Elliott, the Canadian actor best known as Harmon Rabb Jr. on “JAG,” has been married to Nanci Chambers, who appeared on the show as well, since 1992.

Born in September 1960, Elliott’s career began in the mid-80s when he appeared in the comedy movie “Police Academy 3: Back in Training.”

David James Elliott’s career

He kept getting minor roles in films and TV shows such as “The Campbells,” “The Big Town,” and “Adderly” before landing his first main part on the CBC drama “Street Legal.”

He left the show, which became the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in the history of Canada TV, in 1991. Four years later, he got the part that skyrocketed his career in the entertainment industry: Harm Rabb Jr. on “JAG.”

His time on “JAG”

The series followed the cases that the Washington metropolitan area uniformed lawyers in the Department of the Navy’s Office of the Judge Advocate General investigated.

Similar to what “Law & Order” does, some of the plots from the episodes were based on real-life events. Elliott’s character, Harm, was a former fighter pilot who began as a Lieutenant and ended up as a Captain.

His career after “JAG”

Elliott was part of the cast from 1995 until the show’s cancellation in 2005. After that, he has appeared in many more TV series, including “CSI: NY,” “Mad Men,” and, more recently, “Impulse.”

Given the fact that the original “NCIS” is a spin-off of “JAG,” Elliott’s character came back to the small screen on the 11th season of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Harm worked next to the NCIS team to uncover terror threats on military locations.

source: David James Elliott on Reprising ‘JAG’ Role on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ & Indi-Coco Water, KTLA 5, Youtube

His relationship with Nanci Chambers

As per his romantic life, he has been married to actress Nanci Chambers since 1992. The couple met each other in the late 80s when Elliott was still working on “Street Legal” in Canada.

In 1990, when the actor moved to Los Angeles to look for more acting opportunities, Chambers chose to stay in Toronto.

Over time, the actor grew tired of their long-distance relationship. One day, he showed up on her doorstep and made her move to Los Angeles with him. In 1992, they tied the knot.

Even though Chamber’s career in the entertainment industry is not as popular as that of her husband, she also appeared on “JAG” as Lieutenant Loren Singer. She and Elliott have two children together: Stephanie and Wyatt.

His favorite pastime at home

Nowadays, the couple lives with their 16-year-old son, two dogs, two rants, and a lizard in an 8,000-square-foot Italian villa-style home in Los Angeles.

Talking to LA Times, Elliott confessed that cooking was his favorite pastime when he is not working. He pointed out that, since he spends a lot of time in the kitchen, the countertops were specially designed for him, a 6’4” man.

source: My Favorite Room with David James Elliott, Los Angeles Times, Youtube

The actor added that since his father was born in The Bahamas, there were a lot of Caribbean influences growing up, especially in the kitchen. As per his cooking skills, he said that it’s all about his younger brother.

“My younger brother was training to be a chef but didn’t finish, and he taught my other brother and I. It just became another extension of how we express ourselves.”

Elliott also pointed out that he and his family are mostly vegan and that they follow a whole-food, plant-based diet.

He admitted to experimenting with sheet-pan cooking and Buddha bowls. At the moment, the actor is focused on his acting career.

Apart from reprising Harm on the latest season of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” he portrayed Alfred O’Connor on the 2019 film “The Obituary of Tunde Johnson.”

Apart from that, he also finished shooting the upcoming Netflix TV show titled “Spinning Out,” which release date has not been shared yet. In it, he will portray James Davis, the patriarch of a figure-skating family. Update: The show premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020. In February 2020, the series was canceled after one season.

source (article; video, picture): JAG Star David James Elliott: His Life, Career, and Wife of 27 Years by Edduin Carvajal released in 2019, AmoMama; David James Elliott in JAG,TV Flashback, Youtube

A cikk elolvasása után válaszolj a következő kérdésekre.

  1. Which film/series did James play the leading part for the first time?
  2. What does J.A.G. stand for?
  3. What is the similarity between “Law & Order” and “JAG”?
  4. What is the connection between “JAG” and “NCIS”?
  5. When and where did James meet her future wife?
  6. Why did James appear on Nanci’s doorstep in Canada?
  7. Did Nanci work as an actress in “JAG”?
  8. Why was James influenced by the Caribbean cuisine?
  9. What did cooking become for James and his siblings?
  10. What kind of diet do James’s family follow?

keys/megoldások: 1. his first main part was on the CBC drama “Street Legal.”; 2. It stands for Judge Advocate General; 3. Similar to what “Law & Order” does, some of the plots from the episodes were based on real-life events.; 4. “NCIS” is a spin-off of “JAG”; 5. The couple met each other in the late 80s when Elliott was still working on “Street Legal” in Canada.; 6. to make her move to Los Angeles with him/because he wanted to make her move to LA with him.; 7. Yes, she appeared on “JAG” as Lieutenant Loren Singer; 8. Because his father was born in The Bahamas, there were a lot of Caribbean influences growing up, especially in the kitchen.; 9. It became another extension of how they express themselves.; 10. His family are mostly vegan and that they follow a whole-food, plant-based diet.

A cikkben lévő videók megnézése után döntsd el, hogy a következő állítások igazak (T), hamisak (F), vagy nem volt róluk szó (NM) a videókban.

1.”JAG” launched the “NCIS” series so the actors playing the main roles in “NCIS” call James every day to thank him the opportunity to have enough work.

2.“JAG” started in 1994.

3.It took James an hour to get back into his role again and feel comfortable in it.

4.Both the piano music and Mac’s unbuttoned blouse suggest that there was more than work between Harm and Mac during the 9 years.

5.There was a coin at the end of the series that would decide whether they get married or not. 

6.As James is a Canadian, he can skate very well.

7.In James’s family his wife bakes and does the laundry, James does the cooking.

8.The countertops are a little higher than normal because James’s taller than the average bear.

9.As they’ve always been in love with Italy, they built an Italian home and had baseboards, other rooms and even the walls in the house hand stenciled

10.They love to celebrate his success in their kitchen.


1. NM, the interviewer just mentions that probably they call James every day
and James replies that they owe him money but we don’t know it for sure whether they do it or not.;
2. F, it started in 1995;
F, it took him only about half an hour, then he felt like sliding back into his old comfortable “shoes”;
4. T; 5. T;
6. F, he can’t skate very well;
7. NM, his wife does the laundry and James does the cooking, we don’t know whether his wife
bakes or not.;
8. T; 9. F, they hand stenciled them;
10. F, they love celebrate life and food in their kitchen


to appear megjelenni/feltűnni
minor roles kisebb szerepek
cases ügyek
Judge Advocate General Legfőbb Katonai Ügyészség
to investigate kinyomozni/kideríteni
plot cselekmények
Lieutenant főhadnagy
cast szereplőgárda
cancellation törlés
the small screen a televízió képernyőjén
to uncover leleplezni
As per vki/vmi szerint
to grow tired of belefáradni valamibe
to tie the knot összeházasodni
to confess bevallani
to point out rámutatni
countertops konyhapultok
to experiment kísérletezgetni
sheet-pan cooking tepsis egytálételek készítése
Buddha bowls Buddha tálak: a Buddha-tálban mindig lennie kell valamilyen gabonafélének, fehérjében gazdag növényi összetevőnek, nyers salátafélének, nyers, főtt vagy sült zöldségnek, valamint növényi zsírban gazdag összetevőnek, hogy kiegyensúlyozott legyen az étel.
to reprise megismételni
patriarch pátriárka/családfő
unbuttoned nyitott/nem begombolt
coin érme
cliffhanger legizgalmasabb résznél
abbahagyott befejezés/
nyitott befejezés
hand stenciled kézzel stencilezett (festési technika)
herringbone pattern halszálkás minta

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