‘Make’ it work

Szókincsépítés a 'make' ige szókapcsolataival, szószedettel.


Fill in the gaps to make the right collocations with ’make’:)

a) progress
b) room
c) an effort
d) mistake
e) money

1) I know it’s hard but please make ………. and help me finish this.
2) I am old enough to move out of my parents’ flat. I just have to find a job and start making ………. .
3) Are you making ………. with that new project you started last week?
4) I got the highest marks for the test in my class. I didn’t make a single ……….. .
5) If you want to put another sofa in this room we will have to make some ……….. for it.

Answers: 1) c, 2) e, 3) a, 4) d, 5) b

Match the two parts of a dialogue.

1) A: I heard your husband is a great cook.
2) A: Who’s making those strange noises?
3) A: I’m sorry I made such a big mess in the kitchen.
4) A: Both of my nephews are naughty little devils.
5) A: There’s so much trouble in the world.

a) B: I can imgaine how much trouble they make for their parents.
b) B: But maybe we can make a difference if we love and respect each other.
c) B: That’s the neighbour’s new wife singing.
d) B: I’ll ask him to make youdinner once and then you’ll see.
e) B: I don’t mind as long as you clean it up.

Answers: 1) d, 2) c, 3) e, 4) a, 5) b

to make progress – haladni
to make room – helyet csinálni
to make an effort – erőfeszítést tenni, ’megeröltetni önmagát’
to make a mistake – hibázni
to make money – pénzt keresni
to make a noise – zajt csapni, zajongni, hangot hallatni
to make a mess –rumlit csinálni
to make trouble – bajt okozni
to make a difference – különbséget tenni, változtani valamin
to make breakfast/lunch/dinner – készíteni reggelit/ebédet/vacsorát

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