Money Mania – szókincsépítő feladatsor


Szókincsfejlesztő gyakorlat szószedettel, természetesen pénz témában. 

Match the two parts of a saying about money.

1) Money doesn’t
2) Money makes
3) Money isn’t everything
4) Money is
5) When it’s a question of money

a) but the key to the rest.
b) everybody is of the same religion.
c) grow on trees.
d) the root of all evil.
e) the world go round.

Answers: 1) c, 2) e, 3) a, 4) d, 5) b

Fill in the gaps with the following money expressions. You will not have to use all of them.

a) currency, b) cash, c) loot, d) pocket-money, e) bucks, f) bill, g) capital, h) fortune,i) dough, j) banknotes

1) You can’t pay with your credit card here. Don’t you have any ………. ?
2) His family was shocked to hear that he had changed his will and left his whole ………. to an animal shelter.
3) My sister saved all her ………. and bought a new phone for herself.
4) I still need to raise a startup ………. to launch my business.
5) Do they change all kinds of foreign ………. at that exchange booth?

Answers: 1) b, 2) h, 3) d, 4) g, 5) a

Now try to complete the sentences with a money idiom.

1) She inherited a her father’s rare coin collection, but she has no idea that she is ………. .
2) I really need to find a job because I have spent all of my savings and I am ………. .
3) My wellness weekend was wonderful. I feel ………. .
4) My father is a great businessman and when he invests in something, he expects to ………. .
5) He has to put some money aside for his holiday so he really needs to ………. .
6) You won’t need to renovate this house for a long time. It’s ………. .
7) My car broke down and I am afraid fixing it will ………. .
8) I don’t watch TV anymore because the programs are ………. .
9) He is one of the kindest and best neighbors I have ever had. He is ………. .
10) I have no idea how he has anything left to spend because all he does is ………. .

a) as sound as a dollar
b) like a million dollars
c) cost a pretty penny
d) a dime a dozen
e) stone broke
f) worth his weight in gold
g) tighten his belt
h) throw money around
i) strike gold
j) sitting on a goldmine

Answers: 1) j, 2) e, 3) b, 4) i, 5) g, 6) a, 7) c, 8) d, 9) f, 10) h

currency – pénznem, valuta
cash –  készpénz
loot – zsákmány
pocket-money – zsebpénz
buck – dollár (slang US)
bill – bankjegy, papírpénz, számla
capital – (alap)tőke
fortune – vagyon
dough – ‘dohány’ (slang US)
banknote – bankjegy
as sound as a dollar – biztos, stabil (dolog), lehet rá számítani
to feel/look like a million dollars – remekül nézni ki/ érezni magát 
to cost a pretty penny – nem kis pénzbe/sokba kerülni
a dime a dozen – alacsony minőségű tucat-termék 
to be stone broke – teljesen leégett (anyagilag)
to be worth its weight in gold – aranyat érni
to tighten one’s belt – szorosabbra húzni a derékszíjat
to throw money around – szórni a pénzt
to strike gold – boldogságra, gazdagságra vagy sikerre lelni
to be sitting on a goldmine – aranybányán ülni


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