Szókincs TESZT – Vegyes (középfok)

A példamondatokhoz keressétek meg az odaillő szót. Középfokú, vagy annál nagyobb tudással rendelkezőknek ajánlott.

1. You look rather …… Are you worried about something?
A: preoccupied
B: bussy
C: careful
D: restless
E: needy

2. Sorry about the mistake, I ….. the instruction you gave me.
A: left
B: corrected
C: misunderstood
D: admired
E: read

3. Leisure habits won’t change much in the ….. future.
A: understandable
B: comming
C: whole
D: left
E: foreseeable

4. The idea that the sun ‘raises’ is a popular ……
A: misunderstanding
B: misconception
C: misbelief
D: mischief
E: common sense

5. We had a marvellous holiday and our trip to Paris was ……
A: forgetful
B: thoughtful
C: thought
D: unforgettable
E: far

6. The judge told him it was ….. to drink and drive, and banned him for a year.
A: careful
B: needless
C: amiable
D: uncharacteristic
E: irresponsible

7. They aren’t really clever although they pretend to be, they are simply ……
A: pseudo-intellectuals
B: intellectuals
C: inteligent
D: pseudo-knowers
E: pseudo-clever

8. The pain became ….. so we had to call the ambulance.
A: unbelievable
B: malicious
C: rough
D: unendurable
E: unputupable

9. The result was very strange! In fact it was ……
A: respectable
B: feasible
C: unbelievable
D: fake
E: regressive

10. The experts believe that the accident was caused by a ….. of the aircraft computer.
A: missfunction
B: damage
C: pick up
D: malfunction
E: result

11. The traffic problem has improved ….., out of the blue, really.
A: unexpectedly
B: factually
C: respectably
D: gradually
E: legally

12. When Paul was made up for the play, he was ……
A: unrecognisable
B: knowledgeable
C: non-identifiable
D: marking
E: learnt

Nézd meg ezt is:  Let’s play with words.

13. Harry turned up on the wrong day because of a ……
A: misbelief
B: letter
C: mishearing
D: misunderstanding
E: mishaving

14. Living conditions in some poor African countries are very ……
A: helpful
B: healthless
C: unhealthy
D: delicate
E: legal

15. For some people, astrology is not a real science but simply ……
A: pseudo-science
B: pseudo-love
C: scienceless
D: pseudo-deed
E: pseudo-job

16. You do have some good ideas but your work is very ……
A: hard
B: disorganised
C: thoughtful
D: respectable
E: bad

17. They’ve ….. my name on this form. The first letter is D not T.
A: missgot
B: misswritten
C: misspelt
D: missgotten
E: missled

18. The government’s ….. approach has bought criticism.
A: compromising
B: compressible
C: uneventful
D: uncompromising
E: unconsiderate

19. Newspapers blamed the chaos after the flood on the ….. of the local officials.
A: malfunction
B: malformation
C: malignant
D: maladministration
E: malcontent

20. It was a terrible game. Our team played very ……
A: unbearably
B: unusefuly
C: illegaly
D: imaginatively
E: unimaginatively

1.A 2.C 3.E 4.B 5.D
6.E 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.D
11.A 12.A 13.D 14.C 15.A
16.B 17.C 18.D 19.D 20.E

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