Fawlty Towers: Too much butter … – Manuel spanyol nyelvleckét ad Basil-nek :)

Egyik kedvenc sorozatomból, az igazi brit humorú Fawlty Towers (magyarul Waczak szálló) jöjjön most egy rövid jelenet, ahol Manuel spanyol nyelvleckét ad Basil-nek!

Basil: Manuel! There is too much butter on those trays.
Manuel: Que?
Basil: There is too much butter on those trays.
Manuel: No, no, no, Senor!
Basil: What?
Manuel: Not ‘on- those- trays’. No sir – ‘uno dos tres.’ Uno… dos… tres…
Basil: No, no. Hay mucho burro alli!
Manuel: Que?
Basil: Hay… mucho… burro… alli!
Manuel: Ah, mantequilla!
Basil: What? Que?
Manuel: Mantequilla. Burro is… is…
Basil: What?
Manuel: Burro…
Basil: Manuel, por favor…
Manuel: Si, si…

Sybil: What’s the matter, Basil?
Basil: Nothing, dear, I’m just dealing with it.
Manuel: He speak good… how do you say…?
Sybil: English!
Basil: Mantequilla… solamente… dos…
Manuel: Dos?
Sybil: Don’t look at me. You’re the one who’s supposed to be able to speak it.
Basil: Two pieces! Two each! Arriba, arriba!!
Sybil: I don’t know why you wanted to hire him, Basil.
Basil: Because he’s cheap and keen to learn, dear. And in this day and age such…
Sybil: But why did you say you could speak the language?
Basil: I learnt classical Spanish, not the strange dialect he seems to have picked up.
Sybil: It’d be quicker to train a monkey.




to deal with

foglalkozni valamivel

to be supposed to do something

valakinek kéne csinálnia valamit

to hire somebody

felvenni valakit (állás)

to be keen on something

lelkesedni valamiért

to pick up a language

megtanulni egy nyelvet („ráragad” egy nyelv)

to train a monkey

betanítani egy majmot

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