The Top 5 Laziest Inventions

A videóban szereplő 5 találmányt valószínűleg a világ leglustább embereinek találták ki. Hogy mik ezek? Nézd meg!

Brilliant scientists and tiny overseas hands work eighteen-hour days to produce 5 devices that can make you even lazier than a stereotypical American!

Step 1: Clapper Plus
No one ever told you about the dark side of this ’80s classic! Sore hands, blisters, overly-strong wrists… but now Clapper has brought you the Clapper Plus! You can use a remote control to do all the clapping work for you.

Step 2: Moo Mixer
Lazies love lumping chocolate into everything, but milk mixing is mind-numbing, to say the most. Thanks to the Moo Mixer, chocolate milk is now merely a button away. You just pour in the milk and chocolate, then hit the button to stir.

Step 3: Twirling Spaghetti Fork
Tired of warping your wrist to wrap that spaghetti on your fork? The Twirling Spaghetti Fork takes all of the guesswork out of Italian food.

Step 4: Motorized Ice Cream Cone
With all that licking, you’re probably using up all the calories you’re getting from that ice cream… or something. With the motorized ice cream cone, just stick out your tongue, and let the ice cream lick you!

Step 5: The Nugget Cup

By now you’ve noticed the one thing those dumb geniuses never considered: the strain all this eating laziness puts on your thumb! You deserve a hands-free break. Pour the soda pop into the cup, place the tray on top, put your nuggets in there, then pop in a few bendy straws! You can chomp and chug all in one chunk-slurp motion!


overseas – tengeren túli
blister – hólyag
mind-numbing – agyzsibbasztó
to stir – kever
to warp – hajlít
guesswork – feltevés
to champ – hangosan rágcsál
to chug – pöfög, puffog
chunk-slurp – szürcsölve zabálás

with the permission of Videojug

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