Grease 2 – Back to School Again


Elkezdődött az iskolaév ... ünnepeljük meg egy dallal :) 

– Miss McGee!

– Blanche!

Spendin’ my vacation

in the summer sun

Gettin’ lots of action and lots of fun

Scorin’ like a bandit

’til the bubble burst

Suddenly it got to be September 1st

Woe is me

All summer long l was happy and free

Save my soul

The board of education

took away my parole

I gotta go back, back

Back to school again

You won’t find me

’til the clock strikes three

I’m gonna be there ’til then

I gotta go back, back

Back to school again

Whoa, whoa, l gotta go

Back to school again

– She’s late again.

– I think being late demonstrates terrible leadership qualities.

– I’m not waiting.

– Here she is.

– We’re gonna be late. Let’s go.

Geometry and History is just a pain

Biology and Chemistry

destroys my brain

Don’t they know

that l deserve a better fate?

I’m really much too young

to matriculate

Well, Mama, please

Your child’s come down

with a fatal disease

Mama said, “Come on, you lazy bum

and get your butt out of bed

“You gotta go back, back

Back to school again

“lt’s bye-bye fun

Get your homework done

“lt better be in by ten”

I gotta go back, back

Back to school again

Whoa, whoa

l gotta go

Back to school again

Senior year, the home stretch.

– My dad wants me to go to junior college after grad.

Nerd junior college.

– What are you gonna do?

– Sleep.

– What are you gonna be when you grow up?

– A burden on society.

– Hello, Miss Mason.

– Hello.

– Ready for a great new year?

– I love your hair.

– Oh, thanks.

– All 300 pounds of it!

– Hello, boys.

– Good morning, Miss Mason.

– I’d love to see all of you in Music Appreciation.

– I’d like to see all of you in Music Appreciation.

– You just might.

– I think l’m in love.

– Oh, my hair!

– Excuse me. Let me through.

– What are you doing?

– Watch it!

– Nerd!

– Michael?

– Frenchy?

– Hello. Hi. Thanks for meeting me.

– When your cousin Sandy said you were coming to America, I said, “Any cousin of yours is a cousin of mine.”

– She said you’d know the ropes.

– Ropes are my specialty.

– I dropped out of Rydell to go to beauty school, but flunked Tinting when my hair turned pink.

– Pink?

– The Pink Ladies pledge to act cool

– To look cool and to be cool  ‘Til death do us part

– Think Pink!

– Hi, guys.

– Your mother!

– But now the most important thing in my life is skin care.

– So tinting’s out and skin care’s in.

– That’s why l’m back at Rydell. To get my Chemistry so l can mix my own cosmetics.

Makes sense.

– I got my books together

and l dragged my feet

And then l saw this angel

Boppin’down the street

I said, “Hey, pretty baby,

how about a date?”

She said, “l’m goin’ to school

and l can’t be late… “

– Hey, basketball. You caught it!

– How tall are you? Never mind.

– We’ll put high heels on your   and make you centre.

– Go catch that! Oh, boy!

– Basketball, basketball!

Whoa, whoa, l gotta go

Whoa, whoa, l gotta go

Back to school…

– Thank you.

– Give it back!

– Hey, have a nice trip.

– Yeah.

– Hold it, Birds.

– Comb.

– Door.

– Make way.

– Pardonne-moi!

– Gentlemen, start your engines.

I gotta go back, back

Back to school again

Whoa, whoa, l gotta go

Back to school…

– You’re going to love Rydell.


School subjects. Which one is which? Can you match the English words with their Hungarian equivalents?

1. History

a. földrajz

2. Geography

b. fizika

3. Maths

c. idegen nyelvek

4. Chemistry

d. testnevelés

5. Physics

e. történelem

6. Physical Education

f. nyelvtan

7. Religious Education

g. kémia

8. Arts

h. természetismeret, természettudományok

9. Foreign Languages

i. matematika

10. Literature

j. számítástechnika

11. Grammar

k. olvasás

12. Music

l. hittan

13. Computer Science/Information Technology (IT/ICT)

m. helyesírás

14. Science

n. művészetek

15. Reading

o. irodalom

16. Writing

p. biológia

17. Spelling

q. írás

18. Biology

r. zene



1. e.

2. a.

3. i.

4. g.

5. b.

6. d.

7. l.

8. n.

9. c.

10. o.

11. f.

12. r.

13. j.

14. h.

15. k.

16. q.

17. m.

18. p.




to burst, burst, burst


Save my soul.

Jaj Istenem!


feltételesen szabadlábon levés

to strike


to demonstrate

demonstrálni, mutatni


vezetői, vezetési



to destroy

lerombol, tönkretesz

to deserve




to matriculate


to come down with a disease

valamilyen betegséggel ágynak esni



lazy bum

lusta disznó



senior year

utolsó év az iskolában

grad (graduation)

iskola befejezése



burden on society

kolonc/teher a társadalom nyakán

Music Appreciation



fonadék, fonat

to drop out

kimaradni az iskolából

to flunk



hajfestés, színezés

to pledge

megfogad, megígér

'Til death do us part.

Míg a halál el nem választ.

Makes sense.


to drag sy’s feet

csoszog, szándékosan lassan megy

to bop




high heels

magassarkú cipő

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés