MAKE vagy DO? Kifejezések videóval


Egy kis "rappes" magyarázat a MAKE és DO használatához! 

Group the following words, then listen to the song to check your answers.

a favour, sure, homework, a to-do list, errands, oneself at home, a snack, sense, the bed, laundry, fun of someone, a fist, harm, good, peace, one’s duty, things right, a plan, brunch, time, friends, conversation, a call, a reservation, a recommendation, the shopping, chores, dinner, the dishes, a cake, a wish, research, experiments, a promise, a decision, a point, a commitment, good deeds, a goal, one’s best, a mistake, a mess, progress, an effort, a choice, the math, something last

Collocations with MAKE

Collocations with DO











Match the collocations with the definitions.

1. to make a point

a) to do small tasks, everyday work around the house

2. to do chores

b) to be nice and help others

3. to make a recommendation

c) to injure someone physically, morally or mentally

4. to do good deeds

d) to act intentionally, with a purpose in mind

5. to make fun of someone

e) to advise

6. to do harm

f) to make someone seem ridiculous by making jokes about them

answers: 1-d 2-a 3-e 4-b 5-f 6-c

Nézd meg ezt is:  Bob Dylan – Forever Young

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