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How to give advice in a letter

Dear Mike,

I am honored that you would ask for my advice regarding which college you should attend. I can only tell you about my experience attending Trinity College in Hartford. I had a very good experience there; the English department is the best in the state and the classes are small and personal. It’s a liberal arts college with a very wide range of courses and excellent teachers. Compared with other colleges, the cost of tuition is high, but it is really worth it. The social life is fun it is very difficult to choose from the big selection of activities. If you are planning to study literature, I think it would be a good choice. If you plan to study something else, I am not the best person to give advice.

Of course, there are many personal factors you must consider, but Trinity College was certainly a good choice for me. I wish you the best of luck and have every confidence that you will make the right decision for you. Please contact me again if I can be of further assistance.



If someone asks you for advice:

– Respond quickly but give yourself time to think your answer through carefully.

– Keep the tone of the letter respectful and helpful no matter how you may feel personally about the subject.

– Be careful not to appear judgmental.

Avoid direct or implied criticism.

– If you cannot give advice, express your regret.

– Give advice only on the subject you have been asked about.

– Keep your advice simple and to the point.

Emphasize the reader’s strengths, rather than the value of your advice.

Useful expressions:

I am honored that…… – Megtisztelő a számomra, hogy …

If I were in your place …. – Ha a helyedben lennék….

I think, you really should….. – Szerintem igazán ezt kellene (tenned stb.) …

It is usually a good idea to…. – Általában jó ötlet, ha …

I would strongly suggest that …. – Erősen javasolnám, hogy …

You’d better…. – Jobban tennéd, ha …

Have you thought of……..? – Gondoltál már arra, hogy …

My personal opinion is that…. – Az a személyes véleményem, hogy….

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arra vonatkozóan, hogy….

English department

Angol tanszék

liberal arts

bölcsészet, bölcsészettudomány

wide range

nagy választék

cost of tuition


it is really worth it


social life

közösségi élet



personal factors

személyes tényezők

to consider

figyelembe venni

I have every confidence

teljességgel bízom abban, hogy …

if I can be of further assistance

ha a továbbiakban a segítségedre lehetek


gondosan, alaposan


tiszteletteljes, tisztelettudó

no matter

függetlenül attól, hogy …



to avoid

kerülni, elkerülni




sajnálat, sajnálkozás

to the point

lényegre törő, releváns

to emphasize


Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés