First day at the office – Első nap az irodában


Az alábbi lecke segítségedre lehet, amikor először mész egy új munkahelyre dolgozni. 

First day at the office

Your first day at a new workplace is quite important. You meet your future colleagues, first impressions are made, you move into your own cubicle or work station and you get familiar with the office space. It’s very important how your new colleagues get to know you on the first day. You should pay attention to your appearance on the first day too and how you interact with the other employees. Try to be friendly but confident. That’s never a bad idea. Usually, your immediate boss or an assigned colleague shows you around the office and tells you about the ground rules. Your hiring manager might have already told you about them at the time of your selection, but if not, make sure you quickly find out about office timings, office attire, break timings, leave policy and such. It will also come in handy if you know about all the rules and regulations followed in the organization.

First steps

When you are introduced to the rest of the staff, it is very important to look people straight in the eyes and smile when you shake hands. You want to make as many friends as you can among colleagues because it is a useful and a more pleasant way to work together in the future. If you have to introduce yourself to a group, try to be short and simple.

After the introductions and greetings, it’s time to find out more about the work you were hired to do. Although you have probably agreed on your general job description at the time of signing your employment contract, you will still need some guidance to get you started. Find your work station and discuss your exact job responsibilities with your immediate manager. You should be prompt and proactive in doing this and never leave it for the second day.

Last but not least, ask someone to show you around the office areas as soon as possible, if your boss hadn’t done so already. Perhaps you can also look for someone with more experience, a kind of a mentor to run your ideas past and seek help if it is necessary until you get the hang of things.

first impression első benyomás
cubicle munkafülke
work station munkatér
to get familiar – megismerkedni, megismerni
office space – irodai tér
to pay attention – (oda)figyelni
appearance – megjelenés
to interact – érintkezni egymással
employee – alkalmazott
confident – magabiztos
immediate – közvetlen
assigned – kijelölt
ground rule – alapszabály
hiring – szerződtető
selection – kiválasztás
timing – időzítés, ütemezés
attire – öltözet
break – szünet
leave policy – szabadságolás
to come in handy – jól jönni, hasznos lehet
regulation – szabály, előírás
staff – személyzet
to shake hands – kezet fogni/rázni
job description – munkaelírás
to sign – aláírni
employment contract – munkaszerződés
guidance – útmutatás
responsibility – felelősség
prompt – gyors, haladéktalan
to run sth past sb – véleményeztetni
to get the hang of things – belejönni a dolgokba

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