Mog’s Christmas Calamity


Mog cica karácsonya nem egészen úgy alakult, ahogyan a család szerette volna. Van-e kiút egy elromlott karácsonyból? A videóban megnézheted. Mog cica karácsonyi történeteit már kezdőknek is ajánljuk.

Judith Kerr: Mog’s Christmas Calamity

One night Debbie said “Do you know Mog when you wake up in the morning it will be Christmas and there will be presents and lovely things to eat and you will have an extra big egg for your breakfast. “

Mog dreamt about the big egg. It was a very big egg and it was up in the sky. Mog had to fly up to get it. But some big birds came. They wanted to eat the big egg and one of them wanted to eat Mog. Mog flew as fast as she could but the bird came after her and suddenly… She woke up. Something was stuck to her tail. She tried to shake it off but it stuck on. Then it went into the fire and made a little fire of its own and two more fires on the rug. Mog thought “I’m getting out of here.”

She ran out into the street. Some people saw her shoot past. “What’s that thing with the fiery tail? said one. “Perhaps it’s a comet”, said another. “I’d better ring the fire brigade,” said a third.

Suddenly Mog heard a terrible noise. Then she saw the thing that made the horrible noise. She thought “Oh, no. I’m going home.”

But the thing came after her. It chased her all the way to her house. Two men jumped out. They had a big yellow snake and they shouted “There’s the fire.”

Suddenly the snake spat. It did a big spit and there was water everywhere. Even on Mog. Then Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Debbie and Nicky came out of the house. They did not come out of the door. They came out of the window.

They said “Thank you, thank you for saving our house.” The firemen said “Don’t thank us, thank your cat. The cat led us to your house. That cat is a hero.”

Some neighbours had come to see what had happened to Mog’s house. They all told each other that Mog was a hero. Then it began to snow and they all went home.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Debbie and Nicky went to get dressed. Then they looked at the Christmas room. Everything was wet and some things were black. “I’m sorry”, said Mr. Thomas “but Christmas will have to be a bit different this year.”

They were all very sad. Mog was sad too, but then Nicky saw something. The neighbours were coming back. They were carrying things and smiling.

They said: “We’d thought we’d help you clean up and then we’d all share Christmas at your house.”

It was a wonderful party. There were presents and lovely things to eat and there was even an extra big egg for Mog.

“That was the best Christmas we ever had” said Nicky. “Can we do exactly the same next year?”

“Well”, said Mr. Thomas “perhaps not exactly.”


Judith Kerr: Mog’s Christmas

One day Mog woke up and and nothing was right in her house. Everybody was busy. Debbie was busy. Nick was busy. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas were busy. And there were too many people in the house. There was a jolly uncle and two aunts on tippy-toe.

Mog thought, “I don’t like it here.”

She went and sat outside the windowsill. There was nothing to do and no one to play with, so after a while she went back to sleep.

Suddenly she woke up. She saw something. It was a tree. It was a tree walking.

Mog thought, “Trees don’t walk. Trees should stay in one place. Once trees start walking about anything can happen.”

She ran up the side of the house in case the tree should come and get her.

“Come down,” shouted the tree.

“Come down, Mog!”

“And now it is shouting at me. I don’t like that tree at all.” And she ran up to the roof.

The tree went on shouting for a while. Then it went into the house. Mog stayed on the roof. Some white things fell out of the sky. Some fell on the roof and some fell on Mog. They were very cold.

At supper time Mog was still on the roof.

“She must have supper.”

“Mog always has her supper.”

Mrs. Thomas gave Mog her supper. But still Mog did not come down.

In the morning Mog did not come down either. She had found a nice tall place and she was asleep. Mog dreamed that she was sitting on a cloud.

Some white things were falling out of the sky. Mog tried to catch them. She was very happy. But suddenly the cloud began to melt

Inside the house everyone was sad that Mog would not come down. They were too sad to eat their breakfast. Even the jolly uncle was sad, and one of the aunts cried.

Suddenly there was a noise. It was a noise in the chimney. And then something came down it. It came right down the chimney and fell into the fireplace with a thump.

“It’s Father Christmas!” cried one of the aunts. “No, dear,” said the other aunt. “Father Christmas doesn’t have a tail.”

Debbie cried, “It’s Mog.”

Mog had to have a bath. But then…

Then everything was lovely. The whole house was lovely. The tree has stopped walking about and had made itself all pretty. And Mog had three boiled eggs and some turkey and a present to unwrap.

“Happy Christmas, Mog! said Debbie.

How many words or expressions can you collect with the word ‘Christmas’ in it?


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szerencsétlenség, csapás



to be stuck to

hozzá van ragadva



to shake off






to shoot past

gyorsan elrohanni valami mellett





fire brigade


to chase




to spit, spat, spat


to save




to clean up


to share



kedélyes, vidám









to walk about

sétafikálni, sétálni ide-oda

anything can happen

bármi megtörténhet

in case

ha netán







to melt






Father Christmas

Mikulás, Télapó

boiled egg

főtt tojás



to unwrap

kicsomagolni, kibontani

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés