The Christmas Story as Children See It


Hogy is volt, amikor Jézus megszületett? Biztosan mindnyájan ismeritek a karácsonyi történetet, de ez a feldolgozás kicsit más. Gyerekek játsszák el, egyedi kellékekkel, mosolyra fakasztóan. Nézzétek meg, nem fogjátok megbánni.

There was this girl called Mary. She loved God and she loved to clean stuff up.

One day an angel came. Mary was so surprised and kind of scared.

The angel said: Don’t be scared. You’re going to have a baby.

And then Mary said: How can I have a baby? I’m not married.

And the angel said: It’s all right. The baby will be God’s son Jesus.

Mary was supposed to marry a guy named Joseph.

She said: Look, I’m going to have a baby.

Joseph was pretty surprised, too, because he didn’t know how to be a dad, but ha wanted to take good care of the mum and the baby.

Right before the baby was going to be born Joseph and Mary had to go on a long trip to a town called Bethlehem.

– Got a donkey.

Joseph just made sure that Mary didn’t have to walk by herself.

Keep going.

Almost there.

When they got to Bethlehem it was so full of people that there was no room for them.

They tried one place they went to another place and a third place. The guy started to say no. then he said: Wait. I’ve got a place for you out back. You’ve got to be OK there with the animals.

There weren’t even any beds. There was nice and warm.

Mary had Jesus. They wrapped him in cloth.

They put him in an animal food dish.

Noone else knew about Jesus yet. But there were some shepherds just out of town.

And some angels showed up.

The shepherds were like: Oh, no. What’s happening?

And the angel said: Don’t be scared. I’ve some awesome, some really, really awesome news to tell you. God’s son Jesus has been born. He is in Bethlehem. He is all wrapped up in a blanket.

The shepherds were super excited.

So they got everyone together and went to find Jesus.

They were really glad when they found the right place.

They were like: Is this where Jesus is? – and Mary let them come in.

They even got to hold and cuddle the baby.

Some time later: Some kings were living far away from baby Jesus – but God sent them a special star.

The kings followed the special star for a long way. A really long way. A really really long way.

The star showed the kings right where Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were.

They even brought special presents for baby Jesus.

Then everybody had a big party because they were so glad that God sent baby Jesus.

That night was the best night ever, the best night ever.

The best night ever. That was the best night ever.

Who is this?

1. A young female who was supposed to marry a man whose name is beginning with ’J’.

2. They were taking care of the sheep out of town.

3. They followed a special star God sent them to show the way.

4. A male who wanted to take good care of his family.

5. He was wrapped in cloth and then held and cuddled by shepherds.


1. Mary

2. shepherds

3. kings

4. Joseph

5. baby Jesus


to be scared

rémültnek lenni

he was supposed to

úgy volt, hogy….

to take good care of

jól gondját viselni valakinek, valaminek



keep going

menj/menjetek tovább

to wrap









nagyszerű, óriási



to hold

megfogni, tartani

to cuddle

dédelgetni, babusgatni

to follow


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