Friends – Rachel Wants To Fool Around With Joey


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Friends – Rachel Wants To Fool Around With Joey

Joey: Hey, you guys, what are you doing tomorrow night?

Chandler: Well, let me see… I-I believe I’m… yes, falling asleep in front of the TV.

Joey: Look, my agent hooked me up with six tickets to a great play.

Chandler: I could fall asleep at a play.

Phoebe: What is it?

Joey: It’s a one-woman play called “Why don’t you like me: a bitter woman’s journey through life”.

Monica: It sounds interesting!

Ross: Yeah, it does sound interesting, I mean, to listen to a woman complain for two hours, I don’t think it gets bett…

Phoebe: I know, I know, we can drive, we can vote, we can work, what more do these broads want?

Joey: You guys are gonna have a great time, I promise!

Ross: What? How come that you don’t have to go!

Joey: I wish I could but I just found out that I have to be at work really early the next day, so I can’t go, but, you know, take the extra ticket and invite whoever you want.

Chandler: Uh, let’s see, who do I hate?

Rachel: Oh, sorry… Oops, sorry.

Joey: Hey, here you go.

Rachel: Ooh… oooh… oh, ah… Can I ask you a question?

Monica: Yeah.

Rachel: Do you think it’s possible for two friends to fool around and… and not have it be a big deal?

Monica: No, I don’t think it ever works. Why?

Rachel: No reason.

Monica: No, no, Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah

Monica: Who do you wanna fool around with?

Rachel: Nobody, forget it!

Rachel: Maybe.

Monica: You can’t!

Rachel: Why?  Seriously I did not understand a word that you said.

Monica: In the hall.

Monica: You wanna fool around with Joey?

Rachel: Yeah! You know, ever since I had that dream about him, and can’t get it out of my head! And what’s the big deal, people do it all the time!

Monica: Who? Who do you know that are friends that just fool around?

Rachel: Ok, off the top of my head… Don and Janet.

Monica: Who, who are they?

Rachel: I know them from work.

Monica: Both of them?

Rachel: No, one of them…

Monica: Which one?

Rachel: I don’t know, what were the names I just said?

Monica: Rachel, things can get incredibly complicated.

Rachel: All right, all right, you’re right, I won’t do anything with Joey, I just thought that we Ok so that would be two cups of tarragon, one pound of baking soda and one red onion? Monica: What the hell are you cooking!


to hook sy up with sg or sy

összehozni valakit valakivel vagy valamivel


keserű, megkeseredett

to complain



nő, tyúk

to fool around with sy

kavarni valakivel

a big deal

nagy ügy, nagy cucc

I can’t get it out of my head

nem tudom kiverni a fejemből

off the top of my head

kapásból, hirtelen

incredibly complicated

hihetetlenül bonyolult



baking soda


Kapcsolódó anyagok

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