The Big Bang Theory – Girls’ Night with Raj


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Raj: Thanks again for letting me crash girls’ night.

Penny: Are you kidding? You brought fancy wine and made fondue. I’ve slept with guys for less. It’s a joke. Based on real events.

Raj: Anyway, I was hoping I could, uh, pick your brains a little. I’m supposed to take Lucy out Friday and I need a killer first date.

Amy: Well, evolutionary biology says that women are attracted to a man who is steady in the face of danger, so I recommend an unsafe environment. Seedy bar on the wrong side of the tracks, picnic near a lunatic asylum, a wine tasting on Skid Row.

Raj: Uh, Lucy has some, uh, social anxiety issues. Maybe we could start with something simpler.

Bernadette: Why don’t you take her to Disneyland? You go on Space Mountain, you’re in the dark, she’s holding onto you.

Penny: Yeah, but you just have to remember, that ride is shorter than you think and they take a picture of you at the end, so make sure you got your clothes back on. It’s a joke. Based on real events.

Raj: Mm, Disneyland? I don’t know. With all the crowds and the weird characters walking around, just reminds me too much of India.

Amy: I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a kid. We should definitely go one weekend.

Bernadette: Weekends are too crowded.

Penny: So, blow off work, go on a weekday.

Amy: Hooky? I’ve never played hooky in my life. My mom said that’s how girls end up addicted to reefer and jazz music.

Penny: It’s more like how girls end up at a Best Western hotel with a 34-year-old guy named Luther.

Bernadette: Joke?

Penny: I can laugh about it now.

Bernadette: So, what do you say? This Friday we ditch work and go to Disneyland?

Penny: I’m in.

Amy: Me, too.

Raj: Excuse me, I thought we were trying to solve my problem?

Penny: Oh, yeah, right. Wait, what was your problem again?

Raj: I am a man who can’t talk to women, trying to figure out how to go on a romantic date with a girl who suffers from such crippling social anxiety she can’t be around other people.

Penny: Yeah, that’s a toughie.

Bernadette: Let’s think.
Amy: Hmm. We doing just Disney or California Adventure, too?



to crash

meghívás nélkül menni valahová

fancy wine

menő bor

to pick sb’s brain

kikérni valaki véleményét


nagyon tuti, király

to be attracted to sb

vonzódni valakihez



unsafe environment

nem biztonságos környezet

seedy bar

csehó, lepukkant lebuj

lunatic asylum



social anxiety disorder

szociális szorongásos zavar



to blow off sg

lefúj valamit

to play hooky


to be addicted to sg

függni valamitől


marihuánás cigi

to ditch sg

dobni valamit




nehéz ügy

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés