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Középfok (B2) Listening comprehension

Listen to some DIY tips for saving energy in your home. Write short notes (1-5 words). An example is done for you. At the end of the recording you will have two minutes to read through and check your answers. You will hear the information twice. You have one minute to look at the notes below.

Example: Topic of this week’s episode: energy savings in your home

Four main areas to save money on: 1 ……………….. , ……………….. ,

2 ……………….. , ………………..

Open your curtains in the winter to 3 ………………..

The 4 ……………….. has to be adjusted depending on the season.

Changing the furnace filter regularly helps with 5 ……………….. and 6 ………………..

7 ……………….. are better than traditional ones if you’re out during the day.

Price range: 8 ………………..



This week on Today’s Homeowner, we’re out to find some immediate energy savings for you and your family. We’re looking to grab every dollar we can from that utility bill and put it back in your pocket where it belongs. This week we’re looking at five different areas of your home, that if you’ll spend just a little bit of time and money on these areas, you will realize some immediate energy savings. Now, we’ll be looking at the heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, insulation, water heaters, and a few tips on saving money on lighting.

Now, there are a few things that you can do that don’t cost any money at all, that can help you keep your home a little more comfortable as far as the temperature. One idea, close your curtains during those real sunny days to prevent any heat buildup inside your house. But, during the winter, open those curtains up and use that sun. Also, on your ceiling fan, make sure, during the summer, it’s counterclockwise. During the winter, it’s running just like the clock.

Now, another thing you hear about all the time, changing your furnace filter. And so many people just neglect doing that. Actually, if you’re not sure when you changed yours last, I guarantee it needs to be changed, and this is a good example. All you have to do is make sure you’re getting the same size and you want the direction arrow pointing in, because your air is pulling through the filter. And this will keep the air going through your air furnace a lot cleaner, it’ll make it more efficient and make it last a lot longer.

When it comes to managing your heating and air conditioning, the device that controls it is right here. It’s the thermostat. Want to start saving money immediately? If you’ve got one of these, change it out for a programmable thermostat. Think about it. Your house may be empty during large blocks of time during the day. You’re at work, kids are at school. Why have that HVAC system continuing to work when no one’s there?

Installing it, very easy. This cost me about 30 bucks. You can spend about $300 dollars or more for this, but 30 bucks for a basic one. I’m going to save just by putting this in here. I’m going to save up to 25% of my annual cost. I’ll pay for this within three months. And it’s as easy as just locating some wires.


Answers: 1 & 2. heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, insulation, water heaters, lighting (any four of these!) 3. let the sun in 4. ceiling fan 5. efficiency 6. lifespan/it will last longer 7. programmable thermostats 8. from 30 to 300 dollars

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