The more you practice, the better you will be – at adjective comparison


Gyakoroljuk a melléknévfokozást! A feladatsor végén megtalálod a kapcsolódó leckéket is! 

Choose the right answer.

1) I have a huge cat. It is ………. a dog. 
a) bigger like
b) more big than
c) as big as

2) I like her because she is ………. girl in the whole school.
a) the nicer
b) the nicest
c) the most nice

3) Help me translate this letter. Your English is ………. mine.
a) more good
b) better than
c) good like

4) I understand why he married her. She is ………. girl I’ve ever seen.
a) the most beautiful
b) the beautifulest
c) a more beautiful

5) I am ………. anyone I know, so I have a chance of winning the race.
a) faster than
b) as fast like
c) much more fast than

6) I always wake up ………. my parents so I make them breakfast and coffee.
a) the earliest like
b) as early as
c) earlier than

7) I don’t want to see him again. He is ………. person I know.
a) as pleasant as
b) the least pleasant
c) less pleasant than

8) I would like to speak Italian ………. I do now .
a) much better than
b) more best than
c) more better as

9) I think you’ll like him. He loves animals ………. you.
a) as much as
b) a lot like
c) the most as

10) You should read this book. It’s ………. novel I have read in a long time.
a) the most interesting
b) more interesting
c) a much more interesting

Answers: 1) c, 2) b, 3) b, 4) a, 5) a, 6) c, 7) b, 8) a, 9) a, 10) a





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