5 Perc Angol: 10 furcsa magyar szokás – videóval és mini feladattal

A Magyarországon élő külföldiek sokszor szembesítenek minket, hogy bizony vannak furcsa szokásaink. Ezek hol megnevettetik, hol sokkolják őket, de elfogadják és meg is szeretik a furcsaságainkat. Erről készítettünk most egy videós-szöveges leckét angol-magyar szószedettel. 

Foreigners tell the weirdest things about Hungary

Foreign people visiting Hungary do not just admire the country’s architecture and natural beauties, but as soon as they get home, they share stories about the most peculiar and shocking habits Hungarian people have. Some of the most well-known ones are eating every kind of food with bread, using tonnes of paprika in meals and in particular eating three times a day. In this article, we would like to share 10 things foreigners find the most shocking about Hungary.

1. Blowing your nose In Asian cultures, it is not only considered to be unhealthy but without exaggeration disgusting to use a handkerchief to blow your nose. In Hungary, it is the other way around. Foreign people find it shocking that Hungarians are not ashamed of blowing their noses whenever it is necessary, and they even tend to do it loud.

2. Bogrács Hungarians like to use bogrács for cooking traditional Hungarian dishes like pörkölt or Goulash soup. Foreigners find it peculiar that in small villages there is an oven in the kitchen, but during the summer season, it is rarely used. Instead, delicious meals come from a big bowl hanging on a chain above the fire in the garden, called cauldron.

3. Fruit soup Fruit and soup? Together? Hungarians love a good and cold fruit soup during the warm summer months made from cherry or peach. When foreigners were offered fruit soup, they were reluctant at the beginning, but eventually found the meal extremely good and tasty.

4. Getting a cold Unlike in other cultures, Hungarians do not like cold weather, and they dress up warmly even when the weather is not necessarily cold yet. They do not have ice in their drinks and leave the benches in the city empty.

5. Hurka Hungarians have a thousand types of sausages from pig sausage to horse sausage, but foreigners tend to despise one particular type, the hurka. Hungarians have two types of hurkas: blood hurka (black coloured) and liver hurka (brown coloured). Foreign people offered this meal frequently leave it on their table and not understand how it is made, and how it can be even served in the country.

6. Easter “Easter is a wild celebration in Hungary”. It is a peculiar tradition that Hungarian girls need to paint eggs and to give it to Hungarian boys after they sprinkle them. The traditional way of sprinkling (with buckets of water) is amusing according to them while the modern way (with perfume) is more sophisticated.

7. Bathhouses Foreigners visiting Hungary have never seen as many thermal baths in one place before then in Hungary, especially in Budapest where Széchenyi, Gellért, Rudas and many others can be found.

8. Hungarian names Foreigners find it interesting and beautiful that children often get their parents’ name. Also, this is a country where the tradition of name days can be found, when a particular day (e.g. October 21) is dedicated to those who have the name of it (Orsolya, for example).

9. Hungarian language Yes, foreigners still cannot get enough of the Hungarian language. The fact that Hungarians can make a verb into a noun and a noun into a verb drives them crazy. Besides, what’s up with the long and crazy complicated words Hungarians can form and say.

10. Sunflowers While travelling around Hungary, after getting out of a city or town and driving on the road, foreigners were astonished to see the vast open fields of sunflowers in the middle of nowhere outside the populated areas of the country.

source: Daily News Hungary and 16 Craziest things that you can see only in Hungary, Lifey, Youtube

A video és a cikk alapján egészítsd ki egy szóval a 10 általuk furcsának tartott magyar szokásról szóló rövid mondatokat.

  1. Blowing your nose in public is thought to be __________by foreigners.
  2. A big bowl hanging on a chain above the fire in the garden is called__________.
  3. When foreigners are offered fruit soup for the first time, they are _____________ to taste it.
  4. Many Hungarian people leave the benches in the city ___________ when it is cold.
  5. When grilled blood hurka (black coloured) and liver hurka (brown coloured) are offered to foreigners, they mostly ____________ them on their table.
  6. Hungarian girls give painted eggs to Hungarian boys after they ________ them either with a bucket of cold water or some perfume.
  7. Foreigners visiting Hungary can visit and enjoy the benefits of _________ baths throughout the year.
  8. Hungarian people celebrate not only birthdays but their ______ name day as well.
  9. Hungarian people often produce long and crazy and ____________words in Hungarian.
  10. Vast open fields of sunflowers in the middle of nowhere ___________the populated areas of the country can be seen. 

keys/megoldások: 1. disgusting; 2. cauldron; 3. reluctant; 4. empty; 5.leave; 6. sprinkle; 7. thermal; 8. first; 9. complicated; 10. outside 


to admire


peculiar habit

különös szokás

in particular


to consider

tekint/ vél/
gondol valaminek

without exaggeration

túlzás nélkül



to be ashamed of

szégyellni valamit

to tend to

hajlamosnak lenni







to despise


to sprinkle




particular day

egy bizonyos





to be astonished

ámulatba ejtve

populated areas

lakott területek

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés