Hűtőszekrényt helyezett az utcára az éhező gyerekeknek egy szaúdi férfi


Egy szaúd-arábiai lakos hűtőt tett ki a háza elé az étel-adományoknak, hogy ne kelljen koldulniuk az éhező gyerekeknek. 

Man installs street fridge for needy people in Saudi Arabia

A man in oil-rich Saudi Arabia has put a fridge outside his house and called on neighbours to fill it with food for the needy while the Al Saud regime ignores poor people. The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, told neighbours in the north-western city of Hail that this would spare poor people the ‘shame‘ of asking for food, the Persian Gulf News newspaper reports.

The story took off after leading Saudi Muslim cleric Sheikh Mohamad al-Arefe tweeted his approval: "I’ve always said the people of Hail are generous. A man puts a fridge outside his house for leftover food; an indirect act of charity for the needy. Oh how I love you, Hail!" Sheikh al-Arefe has 8.6 million followers on Twitter and his remark was retweeted more than 5,000 times.

Social media users are calling on mosques and households to put out more fridges, and one person says people should go beyond leftovers and leave freshly-cooked food, adding it was a matter of feeding not only the body but also the soul through a "great act of charity" ahead of the fasting month of Ramadan, which begins at the end of June.

According to the statistics released by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, over three million people are in dire need of government aid because of their poverty. Saudi activists have called on Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to increase the income of all public employees, pensioners and students, and also stabilize prices of basic goods.

source: www.en.elalam.ir

oil-rich – olajban gazdag
the needy – a rászorulók
to ignore – figyelmen kívül hagyni
to spare someone – megkímélni valakit
shame – szégyen
cleric  – egyházi személy
approval – helyeslés
generous – bőkezű
leftover – maradék
act of charity – jótett, jótékonykodás
social media user – közösségi oldal felhasználója
mosque – mecset
fasting – böjtölés
according to – szerint
aid – segély
to increase – növelni
income – bevétel
basic goods – alapélelmiszerek

Fill in the gaps with the words in the table. There is one extra.

to increase

to ignore



social media

according to

1. More and more people sign up to ……………….. sites.

2. The government sent ……………….. to Chile after the earthquake.

3. The number of students at our school ……………….. .

4. ……………….. scientists, many animals are threatened by pollution.

5. I’m surprised Tom ……………….. your phone call. Perhaps he’s abroad.

answers: 1-social media 2-aid 3-has increased 4-according to 5-ignored

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