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Kaktuszt fogyasztott el a versenyevő ... Döntsd el, jó ötlet volt-e:) Mindenesetre: Don't try this at home:)

Man eats two razor-sharp CACTUSES because ‘you only live once’

This is the bizarre moment a man decided to eat TWO spikey cactuses after seeing youngsters trying it online. And the daredevil managed to keep munching despite the needles piercing his cheeks, lips and hands.

The video shows competitive eater LA Beast, who rose to fame after eating 150 McDonald’s chicken nuggets, begin by warning viewers not to try it at home – a great start. His shouts of pain throughout are enough to make you wince, but he keeps going and completes the challenge in less than six minutes. With one liners like "I have spikes in my lips" and regular grimaces, it looks extremely painful. But the video has garnered over half a million hits, so the brave man has done it, he is a viral hit yet again.


to decide to dönteni
spikey – szúrós, tüskés
youngster – fiatal
daredevil – fenegyerek
to keep doing something – folytatni valamit, állandóan csinálni valamit
to munch – rágcsál, csámcsog, nyammog
despite – valami ellenére
competitive eater – versenyevő
to rise to fame – híressé válik, elhíresül
to warn – figyelmeztetni
pain – fájdalom
to make one wince – összerezzen, megborzong miatta
one liner – egysoros (mondás, vicc)
to garner – begyűjteni
brave – bátor
viral hit – vírusként terjedő siker (videó, zene)

Fill in the gaps with the right word. There is one extra.


to keep doing


to warn



1. You were really ……………….. to scare off the burglars by yourself.

2. My neighbour is a ……………….. . He has tried all the extreme sports.

3. The police ……………….. the public about an escaped prisoner.

4. I need to buy a new car. The old one ……………….. breaking down.

5. Jim went to see the doctor because of the sharp ……………….. in his knee.

answers: 1-brave 2-daredevil 3-warned 4-keeps 5-pain

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