Artist Creates Famous Images on Morning Breakfast

Gergő | 2015. 02. 13.

Néhány ötlet arra az esetre, ha unatkoznál reggeli közben:)

Artist Creates Famous Images on Morning Breakfast

An artist creates famous pieces on morning breakfast.

Art and food can easily go hand in hand. Ida Frosk, a 29-year-old talented artist from Oslo, Norway puts a little extra on her breakfast plate every morning.

She turns her morning toast, pancakes or oatmeal into striking works of art. Many of her works replicate famous paintings or signature pieces from highly acclaimed artists like Picasso.

Frosk initiated an Instagram account last year, featuring pictures of her unique works of food art. In that short time span, she has gained over 100,000 followers. She stated “I could never have dreamed of getting this kind of attention. I just started on a whim and suddenly it just took off. … I’m just a regular girl who enjoys playing with food and sharing it as a hobby.” 

One of her works depicts Frosk’s own version of Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ on a single piece of toast. Another toasted piece of bread contains a replicated edible dancer inspired by Edgar Degas’ work titled ‘The Star’. 

How do you like Frosk’s work?

Find the definitions of the following words and expressions.

to go hand in hand, talented, striking, oatmeal, replicate, unique, gain, on a whim, depict, edible

1.    to make a copy of something

2.    something you can eat

3.    two things that can make a good team

4.    good at something

5.    porridge, soft food made from oats and milk and sugar, it’s usually eaten for breakfast

6.    to be very special

7.    to present or show something

8.    decided very quickly

9.    to get something that is useful

10.very unusual, easily noticed


1.    replicate

2.    edible

3.    go hand in hand

4.    talented

5.    oatmeal

6.    unique

7.    depict

8.    on a whim

9.    gain



to go hand in hand

kéz a kézben jár




frappáns, meglepő



to replicate

másolatot készít

signature piece

védjegy, fő alkotás

highly acclaimed

nagyon elismert

to initiate

kezdeményez, kezd

to feature

szerepeltet, kiemel



in that short time span

ilyen rövid idő alatt

to gain


on a whim

hirtelen ötlettől vezérelve

to depict

leírni, ábrázol



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