Az iskola körül ólálkodó óriási krokodil minden csengetéskor megjelent…


Szerencsére nem juthatott át a kerítésen ... 

Monster saltwater crocodile stalked students at a primary school – and emerged from the water every time the school BELL rang for recess and lunch

A 3.7-metre saltwater crocodile which emerged every time the bell rang at an Australian school has finally been caught. ‘Shorty’ the maneater would lurk in the waters looking for his next victim during school breaks – but fortunately for the students he was fenced off from the school grounds. Shorty would habitually crawl from the Cowal Creek bed and peer through the fence. But schoolkids no longer need to be on the look-out at lunchtime after the maneater was captured.

However, his larger friend, a 4.5m saltwater beast, is still on the loose and the rangers have now declared him as the region’s most wanted croc. Ranger Coordinator Warren Strevens said he wasn’t ‘surprised’ when he heard the croc was tempted by the sound of the ringing bell. ‘I heard the story when we captured it…but it didn’t surprise anybody, he knew the habits of the school around bell time,’ Mr Strevens told Daily Mail Australia.

Caught using a float trap, it took three days to lure Shorty into his cage where a big piece of meat awaited him. The trap was configured so that when the 3.7-metre monster bit down on his dinner, the steel trap’s door closed behind him. He was then pulled out of the water and taken to a nearby crocodile breeding facility.


saltwater crocodile – sósvízi krokodil
to emerge – előbukkanni
maneater – emberevő
to lurk – leselkedni, lesben állni
victim – áldozat
school break – szünet
to be fenced off – el van kerítve
to crawl – mászni
to peer – benézni, kukucskálni
to be on the look-out – óvatosnak lenni
however – viszont
to be on the loose – szabadon van
ranger – vadőr, erdőőr
to be tempted by – elcsábítja valami
habit – szokás
float trap – úszó csapda
to lure – becsalogatni
to bite down on – ráharapni
breeding – tenyésztés, szaporodás

True or false?

1. Two crocodiles were captured.

2. Shorty arrived when the school bell rang for lunch.

3. The school is protected by a fence.

4. The ranger was really shocked to hear that the crocodile came when the bell rang.

5. The crocodile was trapped and then killed.

answers: 1-F 2-T 3-T 4-F 5-F

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