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Túlélte a légikatasztrófát, majd elütötte a mentőjármű

Plane crash survivor killed by two emergency vehicles

A teenager who survived a plane crash died after being run over twice by rescue vehicles, an inquiry has found. Ye Meng Yuan was on the runway when she was covered with firefighting foam before being mown down by a truck doing the spraying.

‘Shortly thereafter, the victim (no longer covered due to the displacement of foam by the vehicle tyres) was pointed out to the fire attack chief. He had the body covered with a blanket,’ the report on Miss Yuan’s demise stated. The driver of the second vehicle that hit the teenager at San Francisco airport claimed he hadn’t seen her, although at least two others said they had and swerved to avoid Miss Yuan’s body.

Giving evidence at the hearing, Dale Carnes, of the San Francisco fire department, apologised for ‘the additional insult to the deceased’ but denied her death was caused by his team being ‘careless or callous’. A definitive cause of the Asiana Airlines crash on July 6 is yet to be decided.

Source: www.metro.co.uk        


to survive túlélni

plane crash – légikatasztrófa

to run over – elütni

rescue vehicle – mentőjármű

runway – kifutó

firefighting foam – tűzoltók által használt hab

to spray – permetezni, lefújni

displacement – elmozdulás

tyre – kerék

demise – halál

although – habár

to swerve – kitérni, elkanyarodni

to avoid – elkerülni

to give evidence – tanúvallomást tenni

to apologise – bocsánatot kérni

the deceased – az elhunyt

to deny – tagadni

careless – gondatlan

callous – érzéketlen

cause – ok



Match the words with the definitions.


1. to deny

a) to make a car turn into another direction

2. to apologise

b) to tell the truth in front of a judge

3. to swerve

c) not to die in an accident, for example

4. to give evidence

d) to say something is untrue

5. to survive

e) to say sorry



Answers: 1-d 2-e 3-a 4-b 5-c


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