Haladni kell a korral: felborult autójában selfiet készített az idős hölgy


Mivel senki sem sérült meg, az autóba szorult hölgy így ütötte el az időt :)

Silver selfie generation: Woman in her 80s takes picture of herself stuck in overturned car

Mention the selfie generation and you might think of teenagers and people in their 20s. But that’s not always the case as this woman in her 80s shows.

A couple married for more than 60 years found the amusing side of getting stuck in their car when it turned over in Bel Air, California. When her car rolled onto its side, rather than panicking that she was stuck inside, the lady asked her husband to pass her phone so that she could take a selfie. And her husband, who managed to get out of the car, appeared amused as he posed for pictures next to the vehicle with his wife still inside.

The couple, who have been married for 60 years, according to Mail Online, were not injured in the collision. Passers-by stopped to help the couple and the wife was helped out of the car by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Both were said to be in good spirits despite their accident.

source: www.mirror.co.uk

to mention – említeni
selfie generation – selfie nemzedék
that’s not always the case – ez nem mindig igaz
amusing – szórakoztató, vicces
to get stuck – beszorulni
to panic – pánikba esni
so that – azért hogy
to manage to do something – sikerül megcsinálni valamit
to pose for photos – pózolni
according to – szerint
to be injured – megsérülni
passer-by – járókelő
to be in good spirits – jókedvűnek lenni
despite – valami ellenére 

Fill in the gaps with the words in the table. There is one extra.



so that

to panic

to get stuck

to be injured

1. I rented a car ……………….. we could visit the other side of the island.

2. Julie had to get a ladder and rescue the kitten that ……………….. in the tree.

3. Don’t ……………….. ! Nobody is hurt.

4. Tom decided to go hiking ……………….. the rain.

5. I asked a ……………….. for directions to the Eiffel Tower.

answers: 1-so that 2- had got/gotten stuck 3-panic 4-despite 5-passer-by

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