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Egy kínai kisfiú a család összes spórolt pénzét tépte szét ... örültek neki. 

Toddler who was allowed to rip up old books by his Chinese parents, tears their life savings to shreds after discovering their money stash


A Chinese toddler who was allowed to tear old books by his parents ripped up the family’s entire life savings when he found the money under a bed. The little boy, 4, was left alone by his mother Liu Fan, 28, in the bedroom of their home in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, West China. The curious boy found the cash – thought to be worth around £3,000 – in a box under the bed and proceeded to rip it to shreds while his parents were none-the-wiser in a room next door.

Liu Fan, 28, said: ‘We don’t have much time for reading here. We didn’t really care when he ripped up the old books we had lying around, and it was easy to buy very cheap old books down the market which he happily ripped into small pieces. I thought if I left him alone with a book for an hour it would be no problem and we could hear the ripping sounds from the kitchen but didn’t think anything of it. My family told me that it was not and I now realise they were right after he found all our money and ripped it up. It was all our savings.’

The family had been saving for a deposit on a new apartment, which they were going to buy in the New Year. Thankfully, the family found a generous bank willing to match the value of the notes and exchange them for new ones. Mrs Liu added that she had now put a stop to her son’s destructive habit, saying: ‘I realise that perhaps it wasn’t very sensible, I’m just very glad that the bank staff agreed to help.’

toddler – totyogó (1-5 éves gyerek)
to be allowed to – megengedik neki
to rip up – hasogatni, szétszaggatni
life savings – egy életen át összespórolt pénz
curious – kíváncsi
to be worth – valamennyit érni
to proceed to – folytatni valamivel
shred – foszlány
none-the-wiser – semmivel sem okosabb, semmit sem vettek észre
to realise – rájönni valamire, észrevenni
to be right – igaza van valakinek
deposit – előleg
thankfully – szerencsére, hál’ Istennek
to be willing to – hajlandó valamire
value – érték
to exchange – kicserélni
to put a stop to something – valaminek véget vetni
habit – szokás
sensible – ésszerű, okos, értelmes
to agree to – belegyezni valamibe

Fill in the gaps with the following words. There is one extra.



to agree


to be right


1. My dad said Real Madrid would win. He ……………….. .

2. Smoking is a bad ……………….. .

3. My boss ……………….. to hire a new assistant.

4. Mary thought she would use her ……………….. for a trip around the world.

5. If you want to rent a house, you need to pay a ……………….. on top of the rent.

answers: 1- was right 2-habit 3-agreed 4-savings 5-deposit

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