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A bocs feje kekszes edénybe szorult, végül a tűzoltók szedték le egy fáról.

Bear gets head stuck in a COOKIE JAR and has to be rescued from tree

A young bear got its head stuck in a cookie jar – and was less than happy about it. The six-month-old cub found itself in a bit of a pickle after rummaging through bins on Friday in New Jersey, USA. It is believed he found himself some leftover animal crackers but was in for a surprise as he tried to remove his head from the container afterwards.

Officials from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) were alerted to the incident at around 6pm after the bear had made his way up a tree. To make matters worse, the 13kg animal then managed to get the jar lodged between two branches 12 metres above the ground. By this point the creature had become ‘unhappy and aggressive’.

Eventually the bear was sedated and brought down from the tree safely where firefighters cut away the plastic container. Afterwards the cub was washed off and taken to a rehabilitation centre where it will remain for four to six weeks before being released back into the wilderness. Sadly there was no sign of the mother but we’re guessing that he’s just happy to be back down to Earth at this point.

This isn’t the first time for a bear to help itself to some human food, as recently one was filmed taking pizza out of a fridge for a midnight snack.


to get stuck – beszorulni
cub – medvebocs, de más állatkölyköt is jelent, pl. oroszlán, farkas
to be in a pickle – bajban lenni
bin – kuka
leftover – maradék, megmaradt
animal cracker – állat alakú keksz
container – tartó, tárolóedény
to alert – riasztani
to make matters worse – és hogy tovább rontson a helyzeten
to lodge between – beakaszt valami közé
eventually – végül
to sedate – benyugtatóz
rehabilitation centre – rehabilitációs központ
to release – szabadon engedni
wilderness – vadon
to help oneself to – kiszolgálja magát
recently – nemrég

Pick the right word.

1. The escaped lion was ……………….. by the vet.

a) sedated

b) stuck

2. The firefighters were ……………….. as soon as possible.

a) released

b) alerted

3. My car is ……………….. in the mud. We need a tractor.

a) stick

b) stuck

4. I’ll be back in a minute. ……………….. yourself to some sandwiches.

a) Help

b) Get

5. I don’t feel like cooking. We could have the ……………….. pizza.

a) overleft

b) leftover

answers: 1-a 2-b 3-b 4-a 5-b

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