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5 különleges látnivaló Budapesten – Te jártál már valamelyikben?

A következő cikkben 5 különleges látnivalót ajánlunk nektek Budapesten.

1.Hungarian Railway Museum

Few may know that the Hungarian capital gives home to Europe’s largest open-air railway entertainment park. The Hungarian Railway Museum is awaiting visitors from Tuesday to Sunday in Budapest’s 14th district. The park offers 100 railway curiosities on 70,000 m2. Among them are steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger cars, and construction machinery. In addition, visitors can also take part in interactive activities on the nostalgic diesel locomotives.

The Railway Historical Park will be open to visitors free of charge on the following days in 2022: 30 April, 1 May, 19 June, 27 July, 20 August, 11 September, 23 October, and 1 November. On the other days of the year, adult tickets are HUF 2,000, and children’s tickets are HUF 1,000.

2.Budapest Pinball Museum

As Hungarian news portal Funzine reports, the Pinball Museum in Budapest’s 13th district is one of the top favourites of foreign tourists visiting the country. The largest permanent interactive museum in Europe opened in 2014. Here, we can find slot machines from the 19th century, as well as modern pinball machines of all periods, covering almost 400 square metres.

In addition to watching the slot machines, you can also touch and try them for an even more perfect guest experience. Budapest’s Pinball Museum awaits visitors from Wednesday to Sunday. In addition to daily visits, the gallery can also be rented for private events.

3.Museum of Sweets and Selfies

Besides nostalgic exhibitions, the Hungarian capital hosts modern themes as well. Europe’s first interactive selfie museum is located in Budapest. Since its inauguration in 2018, the museum is particularly popular with foreigners. Thanks to the great success, one year later, another candy and selfie museum, Bubbles, was opened nearby.

The colourful, fun installations were spread over 2 floors, covering a total of 400 square metres. As showy sweets also played a major role in the concept’s design, it was almost natural that the space was complete with an experiential confectionery. A student ticket for 90 minutes costs HUF 2,500, while adults can enter the selfie paradise for HUF 3,500.

4.Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament Building is the world’s third-largest parliament building and one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe. Its construction was carried out by Imre Steindl, a professor at the University of Technology. It started in 1885 and was inaugurated in 1896, on the 1,000th anniversary of the conquest of Hungary.

With its height of 96 metres, the neo-Gothic Parliament of Budapest is the largest building in Hungary, located along River Danube. Thanks to its spectacular architectural style, the building has become a popular tourist destination.

5.Dohány Street Synagogue

The Hungarian capital gives home to the largest synagogue in Europe and the second-largest synagogue in the world, after Jerusalem. The Dohány Street Synagogue is located in Budapest’s 7th district, and it is no coincidence that it is very popular with visitors.

The complex is among Budapest’s most exclusive buildings, constructed in 1859 in Moorish style. It has a capacity of 3,000, with an interior of 1,200 square metres, as well as towers 44 metres high. The view inside and outside is breath-taking. The adult entrance fee costs HUF 7,000, including a guided tour and special temporary exhibitions on Jewish culture and religion.

source: Daily News Hungary


open-air szabadtéri
railway entertainment park vasúti szórakoztató park
to await várakozni
curiosities ritkaságok
steam locomotives gőzmozdonyok
construction machinery munkagép
to take part in részt venni valamiben
free of charge ingyenes
Pinball Museum flipper játékgép múzeum
permanent állandó
slot machines játékgépek/félkarú rablók
to host vendégül látni
inauguration megnyitás
candy édesség
installations térkompozíciók
showy sweets feltűnő/mutatós édességek
experiential confectionery élménycukrászda
legislative buildings törvényhozás épülete
to carry out megvalósítani
conquest honfoglalás
spectacular architectural style látványos építészeti stílus
destination célállomás
to purchase megvásárolni/megvenni
coincidence véletlen/egybeesés
Moorish mór (építészeti stílus)
capacity befogadóképesség
interior belső rész
including magába foglalva
temporary ideiglenes

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