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Body Idioms

I’m having my driving test tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed for me.

to keep sy’s fingers crossed


Every plant dies in my apartment. I don’t really have green fingers.

have green fingers

érteni a kertészkedéshez

Don’t ask her! She already has her hands full with her three kids.

have sy’s hand full with

nagyon elfoglaltnak lenni valamivel

A lot of people get cold feet before their weddings.

get cold feet


Although we got off on the wrong foot, we are good friends now.

get off on the wrong foot

ha egy kapcsolat rosszul kezdődik

You should put your foot down and tell your boss that you’re not working at the weekends any more.

put sy’s foot down

sarkára áll

It’s going to snow. I have a feeling in my bones.

have a feeling in sy’s bones

érzi a csontjaiban, van egy megérzése

She’s been giving me the cold shoulder since our argument. It’s so annoying.

give sy the cold shoulder

haragot tartani valakivel, durcázni

When I need a shoulder to cry on, I can always call him.

a shoulder to cry on

egy váll, amint sírni lehet, egy vígasztaló valaki

Don’t worry! I’m just pulling your leg.

pull sy’s leg

viccelődni valakivel

I was shouting my head off but they still didn’t do what I asked them to.

shout sy’s head off

szétordítani magát

Off the top of my head, I can’t tell you his phone number but I can look it up.

Off the top of my head


I still can’t get my head round it that they are married.

get sy’s head round sg

valamit nem tud felfogni (nem azért mert nem képes megérteni)

The teacher had a chocolate stain on her bottom, so it was very hard for the kids to keep a straight face.

keep a straight face

visszatartani a nevetést

It happened in a blink of an eye. I didn’t have a chance to say anything.

in a blink of an eye

egy szempillantás alatt

Connect the idioms with their definitions, please.

in a blink of an eye, keep a straight face, get sy’s head round sg, Off the top of my head, shout sy’s head off, pull sy’s leg, a shoulder to cry on, give sy the cold shoulder, have a feeling in sy’s bones, put sy’s foot down, get off on the wrong foot, get cold feet, have sy’s hand full with, have green fingers, to keep sy’s fingers crossed

1.    to be confident and brave and say and do what you want

2.    somebody who listens to your problems and understands you

3.    to hope that things will happen in a good way for others

4.    without thinking about something for a long time

5.    to shout extremely loudly and for a long time

6.    to be joking with somebody

7.    try not to laugh

8.    to be angry at somebody for a long time

9.    to get scared before a big event in your life

10.  to fully understand and accept something

11.  to have a feeling inside, like an instinct

12.  when a relationship doesn’t start well

13.  very quickly

14.  to be very busy

15.  to have natural talent for gardening


1.    put sy’s foot down

2.    a shoulder to cry on

3.    to keep sy’s fingers crossed

4.    off the top of my head

5.    shout sy’s head off

6.    pull sy’s leg

7.    keep a straight face

8.    give sy a cold shoulder

9.    get cold feet

10.  get sy’s head round

11.  have a feeling in sy’s bones

12.  get off on the wrong foot

13.  in a blink of an eye

14.  have sy’s hand full with

15.  have green fingers

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