Idioms with ’Line’


Idiómák és kifejezések a 'line' szóval - egy kis feladattal. 

Idioms with ’Line’

to be in line for

I thought I was in line for a promotion, so I was quite disappointed when I didn’t get it.

valami jó dolgot valószínű, hogy megkap, valaminek a várományosa

to be out of line

You were absolutely out of line when you told her it wasn’t any of her business.

túllépni egy határt, nem megfelelően viselkedni

to step out of line

It’s not allowed for the teachers to step out of line. They strictly have to follow the syllabus.

kilépni a hatáskörből, az elvárttal ellentétben viselkedni

line of work

In this line of work it’s usual to work long hours.

munka, hivatás

to draw the line

You have to understand that I have to draw the line here. It’s one thing that you’re late but it’s unacceptable that you’ve lied.

meghúzni a határt

there is a fine line between one thing and another

Couples who have been married for a long time always say that there is a fine line between love and hatred.

nagyon kis különbség van két dolog között (az egyik negatív a másik pozitív)

to drop sy a line

Please drop me a line when you get there!

írni pár sort valakinek

to read between the lines

You should read between the lines. They offered to take us home because they want us to go now.

olvasni a sorok között

the bottom line

No matter who is right here. The bottom line is that smoking should be prohibited at schools.

a lényeg

to sign on the dotted line

Please don’t sign on the dotted line until you are one hundred percent sure.

hivatalosan elismerni valamit azáltal, hogy aláírunk egy hivatalos papírt (átvitt értelemben is)

along the same lines

My mother works in education and I hope I’ll do something along the same lines.

hasonló módon, vagy hasonló dolgok

on the right lines

Her parents were so worried when she got into that gang but she is on the right lines now.

jó úton járni

Find the definitions of the following idioms.

on the right lines, along the same lines, to sign on the dotted line, the bottom line, to read between the lines, to drop sy a line, there is a fine line between one thing and another, to draw the line, line of work, to step out of line, to be out of line, to be in line for

1.    to formally agree to something by signing a legal document

2.    to do something in a way that it will have good results

3.    to send someone a short letter

4.    likely to get something (good)

5.    there is small difference between two things

6.    not to behave in a suitable way

7.    to make a difference between two things, never do something because you think it’s wrong

8.    the most important thing

9.    not to behave in a way that is expected from you

10.  profession

11.  to understand what someone means but doesn’t tell you exactly

12.  something similar


1.    to sign on the dotted line

2.    on the right lines

3.    drop sy a line

4.    to be in line for

5.    there is a fine line between

6.    to be out of line

7.    to draw the line

8.    the bottom line

9.    to step out of line

10.  line of work

11.  read between the lines

12.  along the same lines

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