10 szokatlan magyar világrekord – szókincs, nyelvtani feladat

10 szokatlan magyar világrekordról olvashattok a következő rövid cikkben. A hozzá kapcsolódó feladatban pedig a melléknévfokozást gyakorolhatjátok.

10 unusual world records Hungarians set!

Hungary is famous for many things, such as its rich history, delicious cuisine, amazing architecture, thermal baths, the beautiful city of Budapest, and many other things. But Hungarians have more things to be proud of, like the number of Guinness records Hungarians have set. Below you can read a selection of the most unusual ones.

The Largest Menu

On 24 April 2006, András Halasi set a record with the largest restaurant menu. Mófarguru in Budapest prides itself on a splendid menu of a total of 192 pages listing 1,810 items. In addition to Hungarian, it was available in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. Unfortunately, it seems that the restaurant has closed.

Pianist with the world’s fastest hands

Balázs Havasi set this record in 2009 at the Hungarian Music Academy in front of an audience. He hit the same key 498 times in just 60 seconds.

The biggest book on Earth – Exhibited in Aggtelek

Béla Varga and his son, Gábor, made a giant book, which got the title of the world’s biggest book back in 2009. The book looks like a codex, and its title is Our Fragile Nature Heritage. It presents the wildlife and natural value of the Zemplén Mountains, with illustrations. The book has 346 pages, weighs 1,420 kg, has a height of 4.18 metres and a width of 3.77 metres.

The largest collection of number plates (licence plates)

Péter Kenyeres and Tamás Kenyeres began to collect licence plates in the 1990s. In 2011, their work turned into a great achievement when their name made it to the Guinness World Records. Their collection consists of 11,345 different number plates from a total of 133 countries.

Most pairs slow dancing in the same place

In 2009, in Paris, 2,515 pairs were slow dancing at the same time in the wonderful city of Paris. In 2012, even more people gathered to slow dance in Budapest, breaking the French record.

The world’s largest postcard

The world’s largest postcard was painted by patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in eight cities of Hungary. The postcard is truly impressive with its 86.4 square metres. The giant postcard was presented in Millenáris Park on October 12 back in 2013, on the World Arthritis Day, organised by the Association of Hungarian Rheumatic Patients.

The world’s tallest LEGO tower

In 2014, a 34.76-metre-tall tower was built of 450,000 pieces in front of St. Stephen Basilica in Budapest. According to the rules, no type of glue could be used, and the tower was torn down the day after setting the record. The record was later broken by Denmark and Germany as well.

Most flips of a bottle on the back of one’s hand in one minute

György Kovács was only 23 years old when he set the record in 2017. At the time, he worked at an American restaurant chain in Liverpool, which helped him organise the record attempt. He flipped a bottle 146 times in one minute, using only the back of his hand.

Hungary’s biggest apple

Zoltán Szabó works in agriculture and has an impressive apple tree cultivation. He has Red Jonaprince apples, which grow to a bigger size than other apple types, but one morning, his employee found an apple that was suspected to set a record. And so it happened that the record-sized apple weighed 900 grams, almost 1 kg.

More than 1,000 plush pandas

Dr Dóra Rákóczi has been collecting items depicting pandas for 31 years. In March 2021, she showcased Hungary’s largest plush panda collection. Over 1,000 plush pandas are stored in her home in plastic bags. But even more items, images, magnets, pens, and other things resembling or depicting pandas can be found in her enormous collection, amounting to another 2,500 items.

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A következő feladatban gyakorolhatjátok a felsőfokú melléknevek használatát. Egészítsétek ki a mondatokat a zárójelben megadott melléknevek felsőfokú alakjával.

  1. Your husband is …… (funny) person I’ve ever met.
  2. Rabbits are ……. (cute) animals all over the world.
  3. These are …. (comfortable) shoes I’ve ever had.
  4. Before you get into my car, you must know that I’m …. (bad) driver in our family.
  5. This is …. (sad) song I’ve ever heard.
  6. Your car is …. (heavy) vehicle in our street.
  7. Your mom is ….. (tidy) person I’ve ever met.
  8. …… (complicated) case I’ve ever dealt with is yours.
  9. Which is …. (sunny) country in Europe?
  10. Who is …. (shy) person you’ve ever met?

keys/megoldások: 1. the funniest; 2. the cutest; 3. the most comfortable; 4. the worst; 5. the saddest; 6. the heaviest; 7. the tidiest; 8. The most complicated; 9. the sunniest; 10. the shyest


to be proud of büszkének lenni valamire
unusual szokatlan
to pride on büszkélkedni valamivel
splendid pompás/nagyszerű
In addition to (valamin) kívül
available elérhető
audience közönség
key billentyű (zongorán)
giant hatalmas/óriási
title cím (könyvé)
to present bemutatni
height magasság
width szélesség
licence plates rendszámtáblák
to turn into (valamivé) változni
achievement teljesítmény/
to consist of állni valamiből
to gather összegyűlni
to break record rekordot dönteni
rheumatoid arthritis ízületi gyulladás
impressive lenyűgöző/hatásos
Association egyesület
pieces darabok (legódarabok)
According to the rules a szabályok szerint
glue ragasztó
to tear down lebontani/szétszedni
record attempt rekord kísérlet
to flip feldobni valamit, ami
megfordulva visszaesik
cultivation termesztés
employee alkalmazott
to suspect gyanítani
to set a record rekordot felállítani
to depict ábrázolni
to resemble hasonlítani valamihez
enormous hatalmas/óriási
to amount to mennyiséget kitenni

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