5 British slang expressions – szókincs, mini feladat

5 érdekes brit szleng kifejezést fogunk ma közelebbről is megvizsgálni.
  1. Porkies
    It means someone thinks you are lying.
    The saying comes from an old Cockney rhyme that used pork pies and substituted “pies,” for “lies” and it later got shortened to “porkies”.
  2. Chin wag/chinwag
    It means to have a long chat.
    Its origins come from a Welsh word meaning empty. It is believed that the word originates from a pub in North Wales where the landlady would ensure people drunk more than they intended by going around with a jug of ale and toping people’s glasses up by saying “chin wag” – which is Welsh for your cup is empty.
  3. A Kent face
    It is commonly used in Scotland when a person has seen a person they know.
    This idiom has nothing to do with the surname or the place. It is taken from an old English word that means “to know”.
  4. Wee
    It is a Scottish word for small. In England it’s a euphemism for urine.

    If a Scottish person says they want a wee drink they want a whiskey.
    wee-hours: the early hours of the morning, between twelve o’clock at night and the time when the sun rises
    If an English person says they want a wee direct them to the nearest toilet!
  5. Numpty
    If someone does or says something inappropriate, wrong or a bit silly, you might hear a Brit saying “You numpty, you’ve got your T-shirt on back to front.”

source: British slang words & phrases, Oxford International English

Most pedig használjátok a kifejezéseket a következő mondatokban.

  1. He looked a right ……. standing in the café in his pyjama pants.
  2. Last week I visited the uni and I saw a lot of …..
  3. Come on, you’ve been telling …., again? I can see through all of them.
  4. After two weeks of working hard, we could have a …. over a bottle of wine with my friends.
  5. Do you fancy for a drink? Yeah, a …. would be great. You know I’m mad about Scotch.
  6. Let’s meet in the … . The journey takes 5 hours so we need to leave early in the morning.

keys/megoldások: 1. numpty; 2. Kent faces; 3. porkies; 4. chinwag; 5. wee; 6. wee hours

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