5 words a day – karácsony – szókincsfejlesztés, mini feladattal

A mai napi szókincs csokrunkban néhány érdekes karácsonyhoz kapcsolódó kifejezéssel ismerkedhettek meg. A mini feladatban pedig gyakorolhatjátok őket. Karácsonyi meglepetésünk is van számotokra!!!
  1. to deck the halls – kidekorálni a házat
    to decorate the whole place to decorate for Christmas,

    especially if one will be entertaining guests
  2. to do secret Santa a ‘kalapból’ kihúzott nevűt megajándékozni
    an arrangement in which each person in a group buys a

    Christmas present for one other person, without the person
    knowing who bought the present:
  3. The more, the merrier! Minél több, annál jobb!
    The more people there are involved in something,
    the more fun it will be.
  4. to spread Christmas/Yuletide cheer megosztani a karácsonyi hangulatot
    to be happy giving (love, kindness, help, presents)

    or to eat tasty food and drink alcoholic beverages during Christmas
  5. Yuletide (n/adj) karácsonyi
    Christmas, the period around Christmas

Most pedig egészítsétek ki a következő mondatokat az 5 kifejezés egyikével!

1.We want to _____ in the office by placing small Christmas cards on the desks
to invite everybody to the evening Christmas party.

2. I need to buy a _____ gift for my colleague!
3. It is my 30th birthday party so invite your funny friends as well. You know, _____!
4. Look at those lovely _____ greetings!
5. We had better _____ before your parents arrive as your mom is a Christmas fan!

1. spread Christmas cheer; 2. secret Santa;
3. the more, the merrier; 4. Yuletide; 5. deck the halls

 Mai karácsonyi ajándékunk: még 5 kifejezés Nektek😊 

  1. Christmassykarácsonyi hangulatú
    typical of Christmas, or happy because it is Christmas
  2. all decked out:teljes díszben/kicsípve
    used to describe someone who has dressed in finery
  3. to be merry (UK)kicsit becsípett
    to be slightly tipsy
  4. It’s a white elephant! haszontalan, de drága ajándék
    something that has cost a lot of money but has no useful purpose
  5. Yule log cakefatörzs torta
    a cylinder-shaped chocolate cake, eaten at Christmas, that is decorated
    to look like a log (= a thick piece of wood from a tree)

sources: Cambridge Dictionary; Grammarist.com; How to Talk About Christmas – 26+ Vocabulary & Expressions, RealLife English, Youtube

Most pedig egészítsétek ki a következő mondatokat az 5 kifejezés egyikével!

1.I’ve had two glasses of champagne so I’m a bit _____!
2. If it’s Christmas dinner, I want to eat your _____ !
3. Wow, you’re _____ for the party!
4. We’d feel more _____ if it snowed this year!
5. Your expensive gadget is a _____ for our granny!
She can’t use her old mobile either!

merry; 2. yule log cake;
3. all decked out;
4. Christmassy; 5. white elephant


arrangement egyezség/megállapodás
without valami nélkül
to be involved in bele van vonva
alcoholic beverages alkoholos italok
to be dressed in finery pompásan kiöltözni
to be slightly tipsy enyhén becsípve lenni
purpose cél
cylinder-shaped henger alakú
a log farönk/fahasáb

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