Windy vocabulary building


Szeles szókincsépítés, szószedettel.

Try to match the expressions with wind with their definitions.

a)   get wind of something
b)   get the wind up
c)   in the wind
d)   take the wind out of someone’s sails
e)   winds of change
f)    gone with the wind
g)   which way the wind is blowing
h)   run like the wind
i)    wind something down
j)    wind up with someone or something

1)   actions that will bring important changes
2)   something that is likely to happen
3)   how something will probably develop
4)   to find out about something secret
5)   to end up having something or someone
6)   to run very fast
7)   to slow something down
8)   to become worried or upset
9)   say or do something to make someone less confident or determined
10) disappeared, gone forever

Answers: 1) e, 2) c, 3) g, 4) a, 5) j, 6) h, 7) I, 8) b, 9) d, 10) f

Now try to fill in the gaps with the expressions.

a)   got the wind up
b)   gone with the wind
c)   got wind of
d)   which way the wind was blowing
e)   wind down
f)    winds of change
g)   took the wind out of his sails
h)   wind up
i)     runs like the wind
j)     in the wind

1)   The surprise birthday party was a failure because he ………. our plans.
2)   As soon as she found out her ex-husband would be her new boss she totally ………. .
3)   He kept bragging about how rich he was until I told him I knew how he earned his money. That really ………. .
4)   They have been an inseparable couple for three years.  I think a marriage is ………. .
5)   We didn’t win the project in the end so everything we worked for was ………. .
6)   I saw ………. so I tried to calm them down before their heated discussion turned into a fight.
7)   I would love to be on the winning team just once but I always ………. with the weakest players.
8)   I think we should try to ………. the party soon because the neighbors will call the police.
9)   You will never catch her. She ………. .
10) I am sure his ideas will bring ………. in the political system.

Answers: 1) c, 2) a, 3) g, 4) j, 5) b, 6) d, 7) h, 8) e, 9) I, 10) f

to get wind of something – megsejteni valamit, tudomást szerezni valamiről
to get the wind up – felhúzni magát valamin
in the wind – várható, előrelátható
to take the wind out of someone’s sails – elkedvteleníteni valakit, letörni valaki magabiztosságát
winds of change – a változás szele
gone with the wind – elfújta a szél
which way the wind is blowing – merről fúj a szél
to run like the wind – sebes, mint a szél

Az alábbi két ‘wind’ ige eltérő kiejtésű a fenti kifejezések ‘wind’ ‘szél’ jelentésű szavaival. Az alábbi ‘wind’ a ‘kind, mind, find’ kiejtésű szavakkal rímel.

to wind something down – lassan befejezni valamit
to wind up with someone or something – valaki/valami mellett végezni


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