Tavaszköszöntő kifejezések és feladat a “SPRING” szóval


Íme, egy kis tavaszköszöntő feladatsor a 'spring' kifejezéssel.

Choose the right expression with ‘spring’ to fill in the gaps.

a) no spring chicken
b) spring out at
c) spring it on
d) spring into action
e) springs to my defense
f) spring in his step
g) spring to life
h) spring to his feet
i) spring to mind
j) spring up

1) My brother always ……….. when I need protection.
2) Let’s ………. and get this done quickly.
3) I almost had a heart attack when my niece ………. me from behind the door.
4) She is ………. but she still has at least three lovers.
5) You always ………. when I need somebody to talk to.
6) His parties never ………. until after midnight but they always last until dawn.
7) My grandfather ………. as if he was a young athlete.
8) I don’t want to ………. you but I invited some friends over for dinner tonight.
9) These boring topics ………. whenever your father joins the conversation.
10) He has had a ………. ever since his daughter was born last month.

Answers: 1) e, 2) d, 3) b, 4) a, 5) i, 6) g, 7) h, 8) c, 9) j, 10) f

no spring chicken – nem mai csirke
to spring out at someone – előugrani, ráijeszteni valakire
to spring something on someone – váratlanul közölni valamit valakivel
to spring into action – akcióba lendülni
to spring to someone’s defense – valaki védelmére kelni
to have a spring in someone’s step – kitörően örülni valaminek, lendületesen/lelkesen járni
to spring to life – életre kelni, feléledni
to spring to someone’s feet – talpra/felpattani
to spring to mind – eszébe jutni
to spring up – felmerülni, szóba kerülni


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