What is “second-hand”?


A következő nagyon rövid videóból megtanulhatunk néhány érdekes és hasznos kifejezést a "second-hand" szóval kapcsolatban. 

I’d like to introduce a friend of mine. His name is Piggy. I bought him in St Jacob’s new. I didn’t buy him second-hand. I didn’t buy him second-hand, but why do we use the word second-hand to mean used? I bought this pig first-hand not second-hand. This pig is not used. I am this pig’s first owner. Well, the reason why we use second and hand is because the first owner is the first hand or the first pair of hands is probably the most important idea here. These are the first pair of hands of course excepting the manufacturer to have touched this pig, to have touched my friend Piggy. However, if I were to sell Piggy to a friend or to a stranger then this piggy would become second-hand.  Why? Because when I sell it to a stranger the stranger’s hands are the second hands to have touched Mr Piggy and hence Piggy becomes second-hand. Piggy is used. Used by whom? Me. I’m first-hand.


I bought it second-hand. – Használtan vettem.

second-hand (not comparable) adjective – használt

(of goods) not new; previously owned and used by another

(of a dealer) dealing in such merchandise

garage sale (plural garage sales) – garázsvásár

a sale of used household goods in the driveway or garage of someone’s home

Answer the questions on the basis of the script.

1. Was Piggy bought used or new?

2. Would he be new or second-hand if its owner sold it?

3. Where did its owner buy it?


1. He was bought new.

2. He would be second-hand.

3. He bought it in St Jacob’s.

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