El vagyok havazva melóval… de hogy is mondom ezt angolul? szókincsbővítés feladattal


Munkatársainkkal, családtagjainkkal sokszor beszélgetünk arról, hogy mennyire keményen dolgozunk nap mint nap. Külföldi munkatársainknak vagy főnökünknek hogyan is mondanánk ezt el? Járjuk kicsit körbe ezt a témát, hogy változatosabbá tehessük a beszélgetéseinket.

There are several colourful idioms connected with having too much work to do. If you are up to your eyes/eyeballs/neck/ears in work, there is a very large amount of it to do. We can also say that we are rushed off our feet – this phrase is usually for when the work involves standing up or moving around, for example working in a shop or café. In UK English, an informal way of saying that a job or situation (for example, running a family) is busy is to say that it’s all go.

If you say you have your hands full with something, you mean that it takes up all your time and you can’t do anything else. You could also say that you have a lot on your plate. If you say you are chasing your tail orrunning (a)round in circles, you mean that you are very busy but not managing to achieve much. If people are trying hard to do something but they are in a panic and not being effective, they are running (a)round like headless chickens. Note that US English speakers usually say around while UK English speakers say either around or round.

If someone is working very hard at the moment, we can say that they have their nose to the grindstone or that they have their head down. These two phrases are often used for students who are trying to do well, especially when they are preparing for exams.

A general adjective for someone who works very hard is hard-working. A more formal word is industrious. If we describe someone as conscientious, we mean that they put a lot of effort into doing their work as well as they can. If someone is willing to go the extra mile, they do more than is necessary in order to do something as well as they possibly can. If it takes hard physical effort to do something (for example cleaning something) we say that it needs elbow grease, and if you want to say that you made an extreme amount of effort, you could say you sweated blood to achieve it.

I hope all this talk of effort, exertion and slog (informal) doesn’t make you feel tired – we all need to try to have a good work-life balance, so don’t bust a gut (work too hard)!

source: blog by Liz Walter In Vocabulary, A Blog from Cambridge Dictionary

Próbáld kiegészíteni a következő mondatokat a szövegben használt kifejezésekkel. A kifejezésekből pár szó meg is jelenik a mondatokban, segítségként.

1. Would you go the …… …… to get promoted?

2. My workmate? He is …..- working and …………….. , I mean he puts a lot of effort into doing his work.

3. To work as a cleaning lady, you need ……….. ……..

4. I can’t understand why you haven’t been promoted. You’ve …… …… to achieve it.

5. What are the others doing now? They have their ….. to the ………….., Boss.

6. Why are you so upset? Although I’m running ……… in ………, I can’t complete anything.

7. Will you come with me to have lunch? No, I have my …. full with correcting tests.

8. Poor Tom, he is always ………….off his ……………..in this cool café as a waiter.

Key/Megoldás: 1. extra mile, 2. hard, conscientious; 3. elbow grease; 4. sweated blood; 5.nose, grindstone; 6. a/round, circles; 7. hands; 8. rushed, feet 


you are up to your eyes/eyeballs/neck/ears in work

nem látszol ki a munkából/el vagy havazva melóval

we are rushed off our feet

borzasztóan elfoglaltak vagyunk

it’s all go

dolgos/sok teendővel jár

you have your hands full with something

nagyon el vagy foglalva

you have a lot on your plate

sok a teendőd/nagyon el vagy foglalva

you are chasing your tail

járod a köröket hiába

you are running (a)round in circles


járod a köröket hiába

they are running (a)round like headless chickens

fejvesztve szaladgálnak/pánikszerűen csinálnak valamit

they have/keep their nose to the grindstone

szakadatlanul gürcölnek/halálra dolgozzák magukat

they have their head down

lehajtott fejjel csak dolgoznak







someone is willing to go the extra mile

hajlandó még keményebben dolgozni, hogy elérjen valamit

it needs elbow grease

kemény erőfeszítést igényel (takarításnál, polírozásnál, súrolásnál, sok könyökzsírozás kell hozzá)

you sweated blood to achieve

vért izzadtál, hogy elérjed/megcsináld





to have a good work-life balance

jó ‘munka és magánélet’ egyensúlya van

to bust a gut

keményen dolgozva elérni valamit

Kapcsolódó anyagok

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