Gilmore Girls – The Kid Code


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Gilmore Girls – The Kid Code

LORELAI: Thanks. Uh, well, here’s the good news. You no longer have to worry about which college to go to ‘cause that cab ride was your college tuition.
RORY: Can we not say the word college for at least forty-eight hours?
RORY: Thank you.
LORELAI: How ‘bout collage, can we say collage? ‘Cause it sounds the same but it’s actually very different.
RORY: Collage is fine.
LORELAI: Okay, good, ‘cause I don’t even know how to get through a conversation without the word collage.
RORY: I should’ve listened to you about today.
LORELAI: Oh, no. There’s no way even I could’ve seen this one coming.
RORY: I can’t believe I had a meeting at Yale today.
LORELAI: I know.
RORY: And I can’t believe the only name that popped into my head when he asked for my role model was Gloria Estefan.
LORELAI: Well, you don’t work great under pressure.
RORY: Sucky day.
LORELAI: But excellent tacos.
RORY: Yeah, Hector really came through.
LUKE: What are you doing?
LORELAI: We’re coming from a day with my parents. Want a taco?
LUKE: Uh, no thanks. See, I already have food here. We sell it to the other customers who don’t come quite as prepared as the two of you.
LORELAI: Mm, be nice and get us some salsa.
LUKE: At least order a cup of coffee.
RORY: Coffee and tacos?
LORELAI: Sounds just gross enough to work.
LUKE: Please, I’ll finish it – hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. I’m getting the coffee.
JESS: I gotta run out for a second and get a part for my car.
LUKE: Get a receipt this time.
JESS: I’ll be back.
LORELAI: Hey Luke, what’s the record for most tacos eaten in a diner that doesn’t actually sell tacos?
LUKE: I have no idea.
LORELAI: Find out, will you, ‘cause if it’s less than five, we’re famous.
LUKE: Where’d you get those things anyhow?
LORELAI: New Haven.
LUKE: Really? That dump was close?
LORELAI: We paid a little visit to Yale today.
RORY: Yes, one that I would prefer not to relive, thank you very much. I’m gonna go study.
LORELAI: Okay hon, see you back home.
RORY: Bye Luke.
LUKE: Bye.
LUKE: Uh, listen, I just want you to know that I had a little talk with Jess earlier.
LORELAI: You did?
LUKE: Yes, I did, and I really laid down the rules concerning him and Rory. Trust me, he now knows that I am going to be watching them every second they are together.
LORELAI: Oh good.
LUKE: Yup.
LORELAI: You know, they’re together now.
LUKE: What?
LORELAI: Oh yeah. ‘I have to get a part for my car’, ‘I’m going to go study’ – that’s kid code for ‘Meet me at the previously agreed upon location far away from my clueless uncle.’
LUKE: You’re kidding me, right? You don’t really think that. . .damn, they are! They’re together. They used the kid code and now they’re together!
LORELAI: It’s okay, Luke.
LUKE: It’s okay, Luke? They are out there right now doing God knows what, completely unsupervised. How did you let this happen?
LUKE: Yes, you. I thought you were against this.
LORELAI: I thought you were all, ‘This is so great and Rory’s gonna change Jess.’
LUKE: What is she, a miracle worker? Come on, Lorelai, wake up – the guy’s trouble. I have to find ‘em. Caesar, I’ll be back in a little while.
LORELAI: You’re seriously gonna run all over town looking for Jess and Rory?
LUKE: If I have to, yes. And if you were really a concerned mother, you’d go out there with me.
LORELAI: No, I can’t do that. But if you like, I’ll let you sniff Rory’s sweater. Maybe her scent will help you track them down.
LUKE: The things you find amusing astound me sometimes.
LORELAI: You’re not really gonna sniff it.
LUKE: No, it’s cold out. She might need it.

Choose the correct answers, please.

1.    Lorelai says that Rory doesn’t have to worry about college because

a)    after their visit to Yale, they’ve realised that it wouldn’t be suitable for Rory after all
b)    they paid so much for the taxi that they won’t be able to pay for college
c)    they’ve realised that New Haven is very far away

2.    What’s Rory’s biggest problem with their day at Yale?

a)    she wasn’t prepared for the meeting
b)    she doesn’t even like Gloria Estefan
c)    that she is not good under pressure

3.    What’s Luke’s problem?

a)    that the girls don’t want to eat anything
b)    that they only want coffee
c)    they’ve brought food to his diner where he serves food

4.    Why do they decide to have coffee?

a)    they felt like having some
b)    because of Luke
c)    It’s disgusting enough with tacos and they’re in a weird mood

5.    What are Luke’s rules about Rory and Jess?

a)    that he’s going to watch them all the time and they can’t have privacy
b)    that they can’t use the kid code
c)    that they can’t kiss

6.    Why is Luke freaking out when he realises that Rory and Jess are together?

a)    he doesn’t want them to be together without him present
b)    he is scared that Rory is cold without her sweater
c)    he wants to make sure that Jess asks for a receipt


1.    b
2.    a
3.    c
4.    c
5.    a
6.    a


college tuition

főiskolai tandíj

to get through sg

átjutni valamin

to see something coming

valamit előre látni

pop into my head

eszembe jut

role model


under pressure

nyomás alatt


nagyon rossz, sz*r










vendéglő, kocsma (amerikai angolban)

to lay down rules

tisztázni, lefektetni a szabályokat


valakit vagy valamit érintő

previously agreed upon location

előzetesen megbeszélt helyen


olyasvalaki, akinek fogalma sincs, hogy mi történik körülötte

You’re kidding me, right?

Viccelsz, ugye?

miracle worker



felügyelet nélkül

concerned mother

aggódó anya

to sniff



illat, szag

to track them down

lenyomozni őket



to astound

ámulatba ejt, meglep

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés