How I Met Your Mother – The Mystery Of Maryssa Heller


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How I Met Your Mother – The Mystery Of Maryssa Heller

You guys are right. I’m totally overreacting to this whole Robin thing. What’s this envelope? Is this a wedding invitation? Robin’s marrying Don. I’m gonna die alone! Ted’s gonna get eaten by cats!

Dude, Relax– it’s for Marissa Heller.
Marissa Heller? She sounds hot. Face, boobs, describe. Start with boobs.
Who was Marissa Heller? That mystery began when Marshall and I First moved in together.
Ted! We got our first mail delivery! We are popular. We’ve got A golf magazine for Marissa Heller, We’ve got a wicker furniture catalog, Also for Marissa Heller, And A coupon for a bird store Addressed to Marissa Heller or– stay with me– “current occupant. ” That’s us! We’ve got mail!

Fantastic! Marissa Heller? She must be the woman who lived here before us. I wonder what she was like.
And just like that, A picture began to take shape A picture of Marissa Heller, the golfer Marissa Heller, the wicker catalog shopper Marissa Heller, the bird owner.

And since then, with each piece of mail we’ve gotten, The picture’s become a little clearer.
The only thing We don’t know is what she looks like. Well, I guess I’ll forward this along Like I’ve been forwarding

Oh, just open it.
It’s an invitation to Jefferson van Smoot’s Annual spring social this Saturday night. In the penthouse apartment of the Alberta! You guys That’s the most beautiful building in Manhattan! We-we got to go to this party.
That depends– does it say anything on that invitation About robots battling wrestlers for intergalactic supremacy?

No, but it says open bar.
Revised agenda for Saturday night: Free booze at Marissa Heller’s party, Then Robots vs.
Wrestlers. One of us just Needs to pretend to be Marissa Heller.
Guys, I’m flattered, but I think Lily should do it.
So the big night arrived. Our first stop The Alberta building.
Wow! This building is amazing! Did you guys see the Porte Cochere And the Terra-cotta spandrels outside?

Oh, my God, look! I just got a text from Robin. It says …

Okay, guys, huddle up. Now, Lil, you can do this– all you have to do Is look that guy in the eye, say your name Is Marissa Heller, and we are golden. And again, just so we’re clear, no accent.
(cockney accent): Are we sure she’s not British, isn’t it?


All right! Here I go.
I’m doing it.
Ooh.Sorry.Go ahead.
I’m here for the van Smoot party. My name is Marissa Heller.

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to overreact               




wicker furniture

fonott bútor

current occupant

jelenlegi lakos

to take shape



találkozó, összejövetel

to battle




revised agenda

módosított napirendi pont

free booze

ingyen pia

to be flattered

megtisztelve érezni magát, hízelgő rá nézve

Porte Cochere

egy olyan kapu, amin régen a lovas kocsik mentek át


boltív öblének kitöltése, csegely

to huddle up


cockney accent

londoni kiejtés


a francba! (tipikus brit)

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés