How I Met Your Mother – The Perfect Cocktail


Jöjjön ismét egy kis filmes lecke, ezúttal az Így jártam anyátokkal sorozattal. 

How I Met Your Mother – The Perfect Cocktail

Oh Wait, you know what, these guys are not going to get all mushy sober. We need to get these bitches drunk.
Yes, but the right kind of drunk. Uh we should go with something mellow. Maybe red wine? Oh, I don’t know. Red wine has kind of an odd effect on Barney. He reaches a point of sad clarity.
Ten, nine, eight

I’m a B-plus. My whole life, I was hoping to be an A, and I’m a B-plus. And I’m okay with that.
Happy New Year!

If we want them to open up, I say we go straight-up gin.
Oh last time Marshall got gin-drunk was at that douchey bar Barney likes to go to. Marshall almost got in a fight that night.
Look at this meatball. He’s headed right towards me, showing me no respect. Well, if he wants to play chicken, this rooster ain’t backing down! Oh. Mirror.
How about martinis?

 Absolutely not. I’m not going anywhere near you and a martini.
Why not?

Ooh You know what would be stupid? If we made out. That would be so stupid. Hey, I dare you guys to dare us to make out.
Every time.
I only say that because it would be so stupid if we did. So stupid

Oh, yeah? Well what about you and absinthe?

I don’t know. We could have water, soda, purple stuff

We’re a dream a baby’s having. We’re a dream a baby’s having.
I keep telling you, that didn’t happen.
It happened, and it changed me.
How about daiquiris?

 Maybe. When Marshall has daiquiris he gets really into how beautiful he is.
Hey. I dare you guys to dare us to make out.
Hey, Marsh, you know that’s another mirror, right?

 Peppermint schnapps?

Peppermint schnapps turns Barney into Richard Dawson.

The crazy old host of Family Feud, who greeted women by kissing them on the mouth.
Hey there, darlin’. How you doin’? Ah, is this your sister? Mmm Beautiful.Mmm

Hey, where are our chicken wings?

 Show me chicken wings!

Good order, Ted!

Good order! 

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laza, puha

odd effect

furcsa hatás


józanság, tisztánlátás


gáz, nyálas

to back down


to make out

csókolózni és egyéb szex felé vezető tevékenységeket folytatni

to dare sb to do sg

valami merészre kihívni valakit



to greet sb

üdvözölni, köszönteni valakit

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés