Celeb Protection – Anti-paparazzi Glasses

Már a celebeknek sincs mitől tartaniuk - anti-paparazzi szemüveg a láthatáron. Friss hírek szószedettel és feladattal.


 Anti-paparazzi glasses use infra-red light to help you keep a low profile 


Glasses with pink lights on are not what you would usually recommend for people trying to keep a low profile. But these specs could allow celebs to beat the paparazzi. Their near infra-red lights are invisible to the naked eye but show up in digital photos, spoiling images with blobs of colour, while not affecting the user’s vision. They also block controversial software used by Facebook to identify people in photos, say inventors at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, Japan. ‘As a result of developments in facial recognition technology in Google images, Facebook etc and the popularization of portable terminals that append photos with photographic information… essential measures for preventing the invasion of privacy caused by photographs taken in secret and unintentional capture in camera images is now required,’ said Prof Isao Echizen, one of the inventors of the anti-recognition glasses. He said the near-infrared light ‘appends noise to photographed images without affecting human visibility’. The glasses require a pocket power supply to function.


to recommend – javasolni
to keep a low profile – kerülni a feltűnést
specs – szemüveg
to beat – legyőzni/megverni
invisible to the naked eye – puszta szemmel láthatatlan
to show up – megjelenni/megmutatkozni
to spoil – elrontani
blob – paca
to affect – hatással lenni/befolyásolni
vision – látás/látomás
controversial – vitatott
to identify – azonsoítani
inventor – feltaláló
facial recognition – arcfelismerés
image – kép
portable – hordozható
to append – mellékelni/csatolni/hozzáfűzni
measure – intézkedés/lépés
to prevent – (meg)akadályozni
invasion of privacy – magánélet megsértése 
unintentional – véletlenlenszerű
capture – (itt) fényképezés
to require – megkövetelni/igényelni
visibility – láthatóság
power supply – tápegység

Nézd meg ezt is:  Elképeszt?! Repül? kutyák!

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Use the words from the list to fill in the gaps! (You will not need to use all the words.)

a) showed up, b) invasion of privacy, c) beat, d) affected, e) prevent, f) visibility, g) identify, h) spoiled i) controversial, j) inventor, k) blob, l) recommend, m) specs, n) appended, o) unintentional, p) require

1) I didn’t mean to frighten you so much. It was ………. .
2) If you’re thinking about going to the cinema, I ………. that you see the new Ang Lee movie.
3) We couldn’t ………. him from bringing his drunk and aggressive friend, so now we’re all having a bad time.
4) ………. was so poor from the heavy fog that we decided not to go by car.
5) She was very sad when she realized that she had ………. the dinner by burning the meat.
6) My son ………. the best chess player in his class, so he’s very proud of himself.
7) Luckily the economic crises hasn’t ………. us yet.
8) When my grandfather starts looking for his ………., they are usually on top of his head.
9) My parents don’t know the meaning of ………. .  They always come into my room without knocking.
10) You have to ………. a visa to visit them in America.

Answers: 1) o, 2) l, 3) e, 4) f, 5) h, 6) c, 7) d, 8) m, 9) b, 10) p

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