Egy 4 éves kisfiú álmát váltotta valóra a Chinese Airline


Megható történet egy kínai kisfiúról és a valóra vált álmáról. 

Airline Staff Grants 4-Year-Old Double Amputee’s Wish For ‘Wings’

A Chinese boy’s dreams of flight were fulfilled by a compassionate airline staff.

A boy identified as Li Haifeng by XinHua News, wished for “a pair of wings” to help him fly after an accident two years ago led to the amputation of both of his legs, China Daily reported. China Eastern Airlines fulfilled the 4-year-old’s wish last Wednesday, when it made the boy a “pilot” for the day. Li took a tour of a plane, and even had the opportunity to visit the cockpit, taking a seat alongside the pilot.

It was the first time for the boy to see a real plane. He was extremely happy,” Li Liangbin, a representative from the airline said, according to XinHua News.

On top of the tour, the airline has offered to fly Li home from the hospital, where he has been receiving treatment, when he is ready to be released, the outlet reported. The flight would serve as the 4-year-old’s first plane ride.

And though the people of China Eastern Airlines have given the boy a moment to remember, they aren’t the only ones helping the young amputee. Li, who comes from a low-income migrant family, first gained attention in China when a video uploaded last week captured him happily dancing to a popular Chinese song, “Little Apple,” on his hospital bed. Since then the boy and his family have received donations totalling more than 500,000 yuan (about $80,000) toward his treatment from the online community, XinHua reported.

The acts of kindness are all for a boy who, many say, has moved them with his resilient spirit.

“Everyone at the hospital loves him,” a volunteer at the hospital where Li is being treated told, according to The Straits Times. “His cheerfulness and optimism has infected people around him.”

Find the definitions of the following words and expressions.

cheerfulness, compassionate, to have the opportunity, representative, alongside, infect, resilient, donation, cockpit, to fulfil sy’s dream

1.    beside somebody or someone, together with someone

2.    to have an effect on something or somebody

3.    to be understanding and helpful

4.    the money people give to help a cause

5.    to make someone’s wishes realize

6.    the ability to recover quickly from an illness

7.    to have the possibility to do something

8.    the quality of being generally happy

9.    the part of an airplane where the pilot sits

10.  a person who speaks or does something official for another person or a group


1.    alongside

2.    infect

3.    compassionate

4.    donation

5.    fulfil sy’s dream

6.    resilient

7.    to have the opportunity

8.    cheerfulness

9.    cockpit

10.  representative 



valaki, akinek levágták egy végtagját

to fulfil sy’s dream

teljesíteni valaki áltmát


könyörületes, együtt érző



to have the opportunity

lehetősége van valamire




valaki vagy valami mellett



to receive treatment

kezelést kapni

to release sy

kiengedni valakit

low-income migrant family

alacsony keresetű bevándorló család

to gain attention

figyelmet kapni




olyan valaki, aki nagyon gyorsan felépül (főleg gyerekekre mondják)



to infect

hatással lenni

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés