Weapons and War Idioms


Háborúval és fegyverekkel kapcsolatos idiómák. 

Weapons and War Idioms

to bite the bullet

to face a difficult situation instead of avoiding it

szembenézni valamivel

to jump the gun

to do something very quickly, too soon

idő előtt elkezdeni valamit

to look daggers at someone

to look at someone in a hateful way

gyilkos pillantást vetni valakire

to put the knife in

say or do something very hurtful to someone

kést döfni valakibe (átvitt értelemben)

to twist the knife

to say or do something which makes a bad situation even worse

megforgatni a kést (átv.ért)

to have a shot at sg

to try something

megpróbálni valamit

in the firing line

to be an easy target

tűzvonalban lenni

to  call the shots

to make the important decisions

komoly döntéseket hozni

to be caught in crossfire

to be in the middle of an argument

kereszttűzben lenni

to hold fire

to make peace temporarily, to delay making a decision

tűzszünetet tartani

to fight a losing battle

trying to achieve something which you probably can’t or won’t

egy vesztes csatát vívni

to be your own worst enemy

when your own attitude or behaviour prevents you from reaching your goal

a saját magad legrosszabb ellensége lenni

Use one of the idioms above to complete the sentences.

1.    ‘Have you ever tried snowboarding?’ ‘No, but I would like to ________ it.

2.    Making my son keep his room tidy is like ______________.

3.    They’ve just met. It’s ___________ to talk about marriage already.

4.    Though she is the CEO of a big company, at home it is her husband who _____________.

5.    I hate going to the dentist but I’ll just have to ___________.

6.    Smoking is like being ___________________.

7.    I think you should __________ and see what the future brings.

8.    When my best friend and my husband got into that terrible fight, I could calm them down by telling them that it’s not fair that I ____________.

9.    His wife is crazy jealous. When I was talking with him at the party, she kept __________ me.

10.His last remark was very hurtful, especially that she was already upset. He was trying to ______ but it was completely unnecessary.

11.Working at customer service is like literally being ___________.

12.I really ____________ when I told her that her new hairstyle didn’t suit her.


1.    have a shot at it

2.    fighting a losing battle

3.    jumping the gun

4.    calls the shots

5.    bite the bullet

6.    your own worst enemy

7.    hold fire

8.    was caught in crossfire

9.    looking daggers at me

10.  twist the knife

11.  in the firing line

12.  put the knife in

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