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Letölthető tartalmak

Think of the sounds they describe and find the meaning of these (onomatopoeic) words by filling the gaps:

a) chatter
b) squeal
c) cock-a-doodle-do
d) click
e) zip
f) snap
g) beep
h) chirp
i) sniff
j) buzz

1) The only thing I hate when I am visiting my grandmother in the village is the ………. that wakes me up at 4am.
2) It’s a traffic jam. You can ………. your horn all you want. We won’t be able to move.
3) My teenage son daydreams all day long and I have to ………. my fingers in front of his face if I want him to notice me.
4) You can open a new window on your computer with the ………. of a mouse.
5) Dear, I’ve invited some important people to dinner and they’ll be here soon. Please put on another shirt and don’t forget to ………. up your pants.
6) You wouldn’t eat so much pork if you heard a pig ………. before it is slaughtered.
7) ………. this bottle of perfume. Help me decide whether my mother would like it or not.
8) It’s almost April but it’s so cold that my teeth ………. whenever I go outside.
9) Spring is definitely coming. I heard the first birds ………. outside my window today.
10) Do you hear that ………..? I think there’s a huge insect in our room. 

Answers: 1) c, 2) g, 3) f, 4) d, 5) e, 6) b, 7) i, 8) a, 9) h, 10) j

chatter – vacogni, vacogás
squeal – visítani, visítás
cock-a-doodle-do – kukurikú
click – kattintani, kattanás
zip -cipzározni, cipzár
snap – csettinteni, csettintés
beep – dudálni, sípolni, csipogni, csipogás
chirp – csiripelni, csicsergés
sniff – megszagolni, szippantani, szimatolni, szippantás, szimatolás
buzz – zümmögni, zúgni, zümmögés, zsongás, zúgás


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