Édesszájúaknak: Felturbózott Gundel palacsinta – szövegértés teszttel

Gergő | 2020. 10. 05.

‘Felturbózott’ Gundel palacsinta videós receptje, angolul, szószedettel

A videó megnézése után, válaszd ki a receptről szóló állítások legjobb befejezését a három opció közül.

Ha nehéznek bizonyul a feladat, megtalálod a videós recept szövegének rövidebb változatát, szószedettel.


Today I brought you a traditional Hungarian dessert. This dessert was named after a famous Hungarian chef Károly Gundel. Mr. Gundel is not only famous for his recipe but there’s also a well-known restaurant still open carrying his name in Budapest.

Our dessert is called Gundel pancake and today we will give it a little facelift.

Let’s get started.


This dessert can be separated into two groups: the dough and the filling.

For the dough, you will need flour, sugar, eggs, water and milk.

For the filling, you will need walnuts, and double cream.

This little twist as a facelift is that we will make a topping for this whole pancake.


Let’s start with the topping.

In a jar, I combine nuts and dried fruits. After I added the nuts and the fruits, I add some sugar then I peel a lemon and peel an orange. After the peels are inside the jar, I add some water and then I top it up with the special Hungarikum, Tokay aszu. I mix them well and set aside for a whileI chose Tokay because this wine with its sweetness, fruitiness and also acidity enhances the flavors of our compote. Set it aside.


Let’s get started with the dough. For this task, we need flour, one egg, some water, some milk and some sugar.

Traditionally, this recipe doesn’t contain too much sugar but I need to emphasize that this is a dessert so let’s put some sugar in it.


Let’s prepare the filling.

First, we have to heat the double cream and add two tablespoons of sugar. After our filling is boiling, we can add lemon zest and orange zest, if we want.


In my opinion, to make the perfect pancake choosing the correct frying pan is key.

My suggestion is to choose a non-stick one.

For Hungarian people if you hear the word pancake, we’re thinking about a very thin cake not those thick ones that you think of in America or in Australia and another difference is that we fill it and then we roll it up not just put the filling on top.


Pancake making is one of the things that you cannot make little of. I made just enough pancakes.


As I see, our pancake filling is ready. Now when we’re over the hard part and we have our

pancakes, comes the fun part: plating the dessert.

As you recognized, I made a chocolate sauce. I chose a very simple way to create it

You can melt dark chocolate and mix it with a bit of cream, powdered sugar and butter.

Let’s start plating the pancakes. As a final step, we pour some overproof spirit on top
and we flambe it.

Enjoy your dessert!


source: Table – A spoonful of Hungary – Part 6: Gundel pancake









double cream

zsíros tejszín (minimum 48%-os)


lekváros üveg

to combine


to peel


to top up


to set aside




to emphasize






overproof spirit

50% fölötti alkoholtartalmú szesz

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